One Piece Chapter 196


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 13: Lurking Shadows
Camie and Pappag thank Hatchan, who seems quite confused. The now unconscious sea boar can be seen in the background.


Arabasta, Arbana, Royal Palace: The front gate to the palace courtyard is broken down. Lord Chaka, who was about to go after Crocodile, is recalled. The soldiers in the square cheer the arrival of the Tsumegeri Guards, the King’s bodyguards. Nico Robin’s hand bleeds from the forced opening of the gate she had been guarding. The Tsumegeri Guards wants to defeat Crocodile himself. There is no turning back now, as they have swallowed Hercules Water. They now have more strength and stamina for a few minutes, but they die afterwards. They charge at Crocodile, who they intend to make pay for the wrong he did to Arabasta. Crocodile dissolves into sand, however, and appears atop the palace. He taunts the Tsumegeri Guards, where the effects of Hercules Water kick in, and all four die an agonizing death. Chaka can no longer control himself, transforms into his jackal form and runs at Crocodile, whom he tries to dismember with Barking Fang. However, the attack has no effect against the Logia user Crocodile.

Arbana, North Quarter in front of Parliament: Mr. 1 was hit by Zoro’s attack and asks him, badly injured, if he wants to cut diamonds next. However, they are too bad for Zoro to cut. Mr. 1 falls to the ground defeated, and Zoro also has a hard time staying upright, having lost gallons of blood. He hopes the rest of the gang is still alive.

Sanji has picked up with Matsuge, Usopp and Chopper and they walk through town to the palace. Usopp is crying because he believes the mole woman that Luffy is dead. Sanji clearly says it’s bullshit to believe that and they should rather focus on the upcoming battle. Nami also makes her way to the palace. The climate clock is broken for the time being. The fighting is approaching the palace.

The soldiers in front of the palace are getting ready to fight because the rebels have arrived at the palace. Meanwhile, inside the palace, Chaka has been impaled by Crocodile with his hook and lies bleeding on the ground. Someone appears in the courtyard and addresses Vivi. There are 25 minutes left before the bomb is detonated.

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