One Piece Chapter 194


Color page: Luffy is surfing, in the background the The Going Merry can be seen on a big wave.


Arbana, in front of the parliament building: Zoro faces Mr. 1. The latter smiles at the swordsman’s statement that he will be able to cut through iron. Zoro then says he doesn’t know what kind of swordsmen he has fought before, and that the Iron Man’s invincibility will soon be history, as the two have never met before. Zoro attacks Mr. 1 with the Yubashili and the Kitetsu, he deflects the attack with his leg. Mr. 1 tells Zoro he wonders how long the latter will last; Zoro asks how he stands. Suddenly, Mr. 1 ducks and attacks Zoro with his Spur Claw, but Zoro is able to block the attack with a sword. This develops into a series of attacks with the Spur Claw, all of which Zoro deflects. After a kick from Mr. 1, the two separate again and the swordsman uses Monster Strike 2, Demon Cut. This attack knocks Mr. 1 off balance, and Zoro follows up with Monster Strike 1, Tora Gari. Mr. 1 is thrown to the ground as a result. However, he gets back up shortly after, unharmed, and says he told Zoro after all. Zoro says he’s never met anyone who can take his attacks and still stand, and Mr. 1 replies that Zoro has never met him before, after all. The Baroque agent attacks Zoro with a few kicks, which the swordsman is able to deflect or dodge. He escapes the last attack by rolling backwards. Mr. 1 now follows up, using Sparkling Daisy. Zoro escapes the attack by using two of his swords, but the building behind him shatters into six pieces. The force of the attack sends Zoro into the rubble of the building. Zoro lies under the stones, wondering what he is missing.

He remembers his childhood and a conversation with his master Koushirou. He had asked him then if it was true that there were people who could cut iron. Koushirou demonstrated a cut on a piece of paper, which remained intact. Zoro was disappointed, but Koushirou said that a sword that only destroys is not a sword. A sword must be able to protect as well as destroy. Zoro didn’t really understand that and just said that eventually he would be able to cut everything.

Mr. 1 is still standing there and thinks Zoro should finally attack him. The latter thinks he will now show him how to cut through metal, stands up and throws a large chunk of the destroyed house at Mr. 1.


So far, this was the last time One Piece received a single color (center color) page as a chapter cover. Since then, in the case of color pages in Weekly Shōnen Jump, One Piece has only received opening color pages at the beginning of the magazine that included at least a two-page color spread.

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