One Piece Chapter 193


Hatchan’s sea walk, part 11: The sea wild boar has swallowed something.
You can see that the sea boar can’t breathe and a gag reflex sets in on him. Hatchan scratches his head in the meantime.


Arbana, North Quarter behind Parliament, Nami vs Miss Doublefinger: Usopp had warned Nami at Tornado Speed that the attack only works once. So she has to hit right away. She aims for Miss Doublefinger, but she notices Nami’s bleeding leg and in turn runs at Nami with Sea Urchin Stinger to fully immobilize her. Nami, however, is able to stop the spiky head with her injured foot and the climactic cane. She is willing to sacrifice a leg for Vivi if it means she can help her. She activates the tornado, but to her horror, only one dummy bird comes out of each of the T-ends of the climate clock stick. Miss Doublefinger, however, thinks it’s a joke and grins in victory as the birds suddenly begin to spin, rotating faster and faster until they are finally shot down, blasting Miss Doublefinger away at tremendous speed. She smashes through several walls until she lands defeated on the floor. Nami has won the fight.

Arbana, Royal Palace: Crocodile continues to hold King Nefertari Kobra prisoner and wants to know where he can find Pluton, which can be used to destroy entire islands. It is said to be the most dangerous weapon in the world and hidden somewhere in Arabasta. With Pluton, Crocodile plans to become the most powerful ruler in the world. More powerful even than the world government. Kobra denies knowing of the existence of such a weapon. With a smirk, Crocodile acknowledges this and notes that in 30 minutes at 16:30, a massive bomb will go off on the front lawn of the palace, destroying everything within a five-kilometer radius. The soldiers outside still haven’t found a cure for Miss Bloody Sunday’s hands on the door. Since in about 20 minutes the rebels will arrive outside the palace, the bomb will end the rebellion right there. Vivi yells at Crocodile about what the humans did to him to try to kill her. However, Crocodile holds no grudge against the humans. He turns back to Kobra and wants to know where the Poneglyph is if he doesn’t know Pluton’s hiding place. Kobra struggles with himself, but decides to lead Crocodile to the Poneglyph. Lord Chaka, standing next to Vivi, draws his sword and wants to attack Crocodile because he can’t see his king like that.

Arbana, North Quarter in front of Parliament, Zoro vs Mr. 1: Zoro continues to pummel Mr. 1 to no effect. He tries to do some serious damage to Mr. 1 with the three-sword style Ushi Bari, but the latter’s defensive Spider is enough to show Zoro that blades can’t hurt him. Zoro realizes that he must be able to cut iron in order to defeat Mr. 1. He is not yet able to do so, but already pities his opponent, having waited a long time for such a challenge. After all, after he defeats Mr. 1, he will be able to cut iron. Zoro takes off his coat and stands up ready to fight.

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