One Piece Chapter 192


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 10: Hatchan Rescues the Sea Wild Boar.
A sea boar is attacked by a sea king. Hatchan finishes him off with a trident. The sea boar is visibly relieved to have been rescued, while the surrounding area was slightly affected by the fight.


The fighting in Arbana continues. At the southwest gate, Sanji encounters Usopp and Chopper. Matsuge reappears from his hiding place and Sanji gives the gunman back his glasses, which Mr. 2 had stolen from him. The patter of rebel horses can be heard from afar, and the four of them make their way to the palace to help Vivi.

At the palace, the king’s army stands outside the gate and tries to enter, but the soldiers are stopped by Miss Bloody Sunday. She sprouts hands from the gate with her devil powers to keep the soldiers out, and the troops fall down the stairs. When the screams are heard in the palace, the agent thinks that the bear is raging outside.

The king appears but has been nailed to the wall of the palace. Vivi and Chaka are shocked when they see him, and Kobra asks for forgiveness, saying that in hindsight Vivi’s fight was for nothing. Crocodile confirms this, adding that Vivi would have failed much sooner if not for her pirates, and still addresses her by her alias, Miss Wednesday. The latter is pissed and angrily asks where Luffy is. The crocodile replies with a cold expression that he killed him. The princess is firmly convinced that Luffy is still alive, but Crocodile tries to discourage her further, declaring that the royal family and their people would perish with the country anyway.

Now he turns to the king and asks where Pluton is. While Vivi and Chaka look questioningly at the samurai, the king seems startled and wants to know how the lousy rat knows of Pluton’s existence.

Behind Parliament, Nami continues to engage in a fierce battle against Miss Doublefinger. The navigator is in a tight spot and is held down by four spikes of the Baroque agent. She pops her mouth and attacks her opponent, who has just managed to escape the deadly attack. Miss Doublefinger explains that Nami’s gun is nice, but of no use to her, it’s just a toy. A weapon should be able to kill, only then it brings something.

Nami realizes that it can’t go on like this. The agent catches part of the climactic cane and says that they can’t kill her with something like that. Nami returns the statement, saying that they’ll probably see, and uses the remaining sticks to knock the missing one out of Miss Doublefinger’s hand. Now thinking about what she can do with the dry climate and air bubbles, it occurs to her that she can shoot water from the sticks to make the air in the area more humid and uses fountains. Water comes out of all three parts of the climate clock stick and her opponent ironically thinks it’s a cute fountain. Nami continues to spray water with the sprinkler and the agent is already commiserating with the poor girl. The latter snorts back that she’ll see and stomps angrily on the ground. Miss Doublefinger is getting tired of this and attacks Nami, who is in the process of blowing bubbles. She wants the warm air to bind the moisture and the cold bubbles to cause that air to condense. Meanwhile, she is attacked with the Sea Urchin Stinger, but just barely managed to dodge it. The needle woman calls Nami funny and wants to show her something special. She sticks her long pointy fingers into her shoulders, giving her oversized muscles. Nami is still busy with the bubbles then, but realizes at the last moment that she is being attacked with Stinger Flail and narrowly escapes the attack. The attack shatters the pillar in the background and Nami is injured in the leg. She lies on the ground wondering what happened to the bubbles and shines, she has created a small cloud. Her opponent thinks this is a joke, but Nami continues to feed her Snowballs and Fireballs, constantly being attacked by Miss Doublefinger. One punch does end up hitting the Navigator, sending her to the ground. The Baroque agent goes for the final blow, asking if she’s ready to die. Nami replies smirking if her opponent is ready and hurls a Thunderball at the large black cloud. This starts to flash and patter and a bolt of lightning strikes Miss Doublefinger. This one now stands there charred, then looks angrily at Nami, who is on the ground, and strikes, but again only hits a Mirage. She’s annoyed that she fell for it again. In the background, Nami saunters around and gives her weather forecast. A high gives them a nice day, only Arabasta is expected to have mirages and high winds. She predicts a tornado. With these words, she points her climate-beating stick, shaped into a “T,” at the shocked but angry Baroque agent.

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