One Piece Chapter 191


Hatchan’s Sea Walk Part 9: A Sea Wild Boar is being chased by a Sea King!…
The sea king has his mouth open to eat the sea boar, which has tears in its eyes. Hatchan is very close to the action with his golden halberd.


Nami flees from the attacks of Miss Doublefinger, who tries to pierce the Straw Hat Pirate with the Double Stinger attack. She manages to escape the attack and launches a counterattack with her new weapon, the Climate Clock Stick. Instead of planned thunderclaps, a boxing glove with an extension net comes out of the staff. Upon this failed technique, Miss Doublefinger attacks Nami with her stinger fingers. Narrowly escaping, Nami reads the instruction manual of the climatic baton for effective techniques. From above, Miss Doublefinger looks down at Nami. She has attached herself to a bridge with her Stinger Step. From there, she leaps towards Nami as a spiked ball, Stinger Hedgehog. Now Nami is fleeing from a large spiked ball.

Sitting hidden behind some boxes, Nami frantically searches through the instruction manual. She finds out that the fighting techniques are on the back. Determined she steps out and challenges Miss Doublefinger. Now the battle begins for Nami. She lets a heat ball rise from her climate clock stick, then a cool ball, and lastly a thunder ball. All three bubbles find Miss Doublefinger comfortable. She runs at Nami with Sewing Stinger and stabs her in the leg. She then tries to kick Nami with the Stinger Step, but Nami fends off the kick by creating a gust of wind with a combination of the Heat Ball and the Cool Ball, knocking the agent away. While Miss Doublefinger is on the ground, the Straw Hat Pirate reads the instruction manual again and finds a technique called Tornado that can only be used once per fight.

Miss Doublefinger is back on her feet and stabs Nami with her stinger fingers. Nami is pierced and looks horrified. Then she disappears: it was a mirage that Nami created with the Climate Pole.

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