One Piece Chapter 190


Hatchan’s sea walk part 8: As a thank you there is a golden halberd.
You can see some sea creatures happily saying goodbye to Hatchan. Hatchan also smiles and waves goodbye to them. In one hand he holds a golden halberd that the sea creatures gave him as a thank you gift. There are a few small cottages in the area, which are probably the home of the sea creatures.


The situation in Arbana is coming to a head. Mister 1 and Miss Doublefinger, determined to take out the weakest target first, continue to pursue Nami. Mister 1 loses patience and goes to finish Nami off, but at the last moment Zoro intervenes and stops the attack. The attack causes the pillar behind Zoro to split vertically, according to Zoro the cause can only be a sword. Mister 1 shows off his skills for the first time and you can see that his arm is a blade. He explains that he ate of the Iron Blade fruit, through which he is able to turn any of his body parts into blades.

After a brief exchange between Zoro and Mister 1, in which Zoro mocks Mister 1 and the entire Baroque Works, saying he would only join them if they offered him the position of boss, the Baroque agent attacks Zoro, which he easily fends off. Mister 1 tells Miss Doublefinger that he’ll take care of Zoro on his own, to which she replies that she’s going to grab the girl. Zoro is startled, but when he looks around for Nami, he notices that she has already made a run for it. Nami is seen catching her breath in an alley.

Flashback, The Going Merry, just before arriving on Arabasta: Nami is sad because she always has to rely on the others in dangerous situations and asks Usopp to build her own weapon so she can defend herself. At first he denies, saying that time is too short, but when he sees Nami leave the room sad and desperate, he agrees after all.

Back to the present: Nami is seen for the first time with Climate Pole in hand. She decides to stop running and fight Miss Doublefinger. Suddenly, a spike shoots out of the wall behind Nami and pierces her shoulder. More spikes punch a door in the wall and Miss Doublefinger emerges. The Baroque agent explains to the stunned Nami that she ate of a devil fruit, the Spiked Fruit, and can now grow spikes all over her body. To Miss Doublefinger’s surprise, Nami gets back up, pulls out her climatic baton-which has been cut into three pieces-and is ready to fight the Baroque agent. She reassembles the Climate Cane and claims to be able to control the weather with it, impressing her opponent.

Nami, still completely unfamiliar with her new weapon, assembles it into a triangle and follows the instructions on Usopp’s note, hoping for a strong attack. However, instead of an attack, only pigeons appear, to the astonishment of both opponents. She throws the staff to the ground and curses at Usopp, even the Baroque agent can’t believe it. Despite this setback, she sets up for a second attempt, pointing the climatic baton at Miss Doublefinger like a pistol, but only a bouquet of flowers appears. Furious, she throws her weapon to the ground and her opponent looks at her in pity.

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