One Piece Chapter 188


Hatchan’s sea walk, part 6: As a thank you he receives a ring
Hatchan says goodbye to the shipwrecked man and receives a diamond ring for his rescue. The man saved from starvation now casts his fishing rod again.


Arabasta, Arbana: Vivi stands on the forecourt of the palace in front of Chaka. The surrounding soldiers will not allow the 4,000 year old palace to be blown up. Chaka remembers Kobra’s words that the people are the land. He kneels before the princess and wants to carry out the order.

Arbana, Sanji vs. Mr. 2: Sanji is on the ground, with Mr. 2, transformed as Nami, standing over him, taunting him. Sanji tries to pull himself together and defeat the faggot, but one look at Nami’s body is enough to render him will-less. Mr. 2 thinks he needs to strip because it’s so hot, and immediately Sanji wants to help him. However, with an Okama Chop, the faggot, after changing back, hits his eye and follows it up with a Keri Pointe to the face that sends Sanji crashing into a building wall. The fag flings his eyelashes as a mascara boomerang as Sanji rushes towards him, and transforms back into Nami. Sanji stops right in front of him and is hit by the flinging back eyelashes. Grinning, Mr. 2 wants to end the fight with his attack Mémoires of this Summer Day. He spins very quickly on his axis and towards Sanji. The latter suddenly kicks with joue in the face of his opponent.

Sanji has realized that the fag in Nami’s body can’t fight and changes back just before he attacks. Mr. 2 is unimpressed by this and wants to ring in the grand finale with Prima having the two swan heads put on his shoes. Male on the right, female on the left. He charges towards Sanji and kicks with Bombardier. The swan head acts as an extension of his leg, but Sanji is just able to dodge it. The kick leaves a smooth clean hole in the wall of the house. A kick like a pistol bullet. Sanji has to dodge the following attacks, even a counter attack with Collier does nothing as Mr. 2’s range has increased. He is slammed hard to the ground by the next kick. The fag jumps into the air as Sanji lights a cigarette in peace. While the range may be greater, it takes him more time to make the next attack. Sanji only has to dodge the first kick. The falling Mr. 2 wants to hit Sanji, who simply jumps over the leg and goes for a hard kick. Quickly the fag transforms into Nami, but falls for Sanji, who thinks he has something on his left cheek. Transforming back, Sanji hits him with full force through Basse Côte.

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