One Piece Chapter 187


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 5: Hatchan Rescues a Castaway
A castaway is seen sitting on a small island with a palm tree, happily eating the club Hatchan gave him. Hatchan gestures, “You’re welcome.”


Arabasta, Arbana: The fighting between the rebels and the king’s soldiers becomes more and more violent. Koza also sustains injuries. He decides to go to the palace to force Kobra to surrender. An officer of his wants to stop him because Chaka and Pell are waiting there, but Koza is already jumping over a small ledge in the wall and his men give him cover.

Vivi arrives at a roadblock guarding direct access to the palace. The soldiers ask her to leave. She takes off her hood and only now do the soldiers recognize her princess. Vivi orders them to take her to Chaka.

South Quarter Arbana, Sanji vs. Mr. 2: Both kick each other in the face at the same time and are each slammed into a wall of buildings. They get back up and counsel their opponent. Mr. 2 hits Sanji with the Okama Knuckle, who narrowly avoids it. Sanji is also able to dodge the follow-up attack, where Mr. 2 buckles his hand and slaps it to the side, and in turn kicks Collier at the faggot, who deflects the foot with the flat of his hand. Sanji drops a quick succession of kicks on Mr. 2. Epaule, Côtelette, Selle, Poitrine, and Gigot, but Mr. 2 seems to be able to fend them off easily. With all his might, Sanji goes for a Mouton Shot, which is countered by Mr. 2’s Swan Arabesque. Again, the opponents bounce off each other and are slammed into the walls of the building. Both are impressed by their opponent’s toughness. Mr. 2 now wants to demonstrate to Sanji the ability of his devil power by making a collage. In doing so, he takes the funniest eyes, head, nose and mouth and the result is meant to make his opponent laugh so hard that he is incapacitated. Sanji is not impressed with the finished collage because it looks like Mr. 2 except for the nose. With a kick to the face, Sanji shows him how to fight. Mr. 2 has a new plan, which Sanji guesses. He turns into Usopp and immediately gets another kick in the face. Shocked, he asks Sanji how he can beat his own friend. He tells him that the only thing that counts for him is his heart. Mr. 2 transforms into Nami and says that he can’t get Sanji with this transformation. As always with women, Sanji is no longer in control of his senses and Mr. 2 believes himself to be confident of victory.

Arbana, Palace: Vivi has been brought to Chaka and demands that the palace be blown up. Chaka won’t allow it, it would be the end of the country. Vivi tells him it’s not the palace that’s Arabasta, it’s the people. The people who are killing themselves on the forecourt. They need to be distracted for a moment, she will do the rest herself.

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