One Piece Chapter 186


Color Spread. Luffy is sitting on a hippo. His shirt says 1+6=4. The hippo is dragging a house behind him with Usopp standing on it, aiming a bazooka. Zoro is standing next to the hippo with two swords drawn and his upper body bare.


Arbana, Usopp & Chopper vs Mister 4 & Miss Merry Christmas: Usopp is on the ground, hoping the explosion killed the opponents. However, the shadow of Mister 4 appears in the mist. Chopper’s Rumble Ball only works for another 1.5 minutes. Usopp has lost all courage and doesn’t believe he can win. He takes flight, but is already grabbed by the feet again by Miss Merry Christmas. She taunts him for being just as much of a loser as her captain, who was killed by Crocodile long ago. Usopp yells at her that she’s lying because Luffy is going to be Pirate King, so he won’t just let himself be killed. Miss Merry Christmas laughs at Luffy’s aim, causing Usopp to calm down. He is dragged through the area again with the Mole Highway and hits a stone wall with the Mogu-Mogu Impact. He is pulled towards Mr. 4, who is already waiting with his bat raised. Usopp is hit full force in the head by the bat through the 4th intersection molehill.

His skull bone and his nose break in the process. But he gets up again shortly after. He says there are situations in life where you have to fight even if your opponent is stronger and there is no hope of winning, like when someone makes fun of your friends. Miss Merry Christmas can’t believe he survived the hit with the four-ton bat. She wants to repeat the attack, but doesn’t realize that Chopper also wants to join the fight. He has taken the Horn Point form. Usopp is pulled by Miss Merry Christmas’ Mole Highway and calls out to Chopper to get behind him. As he approaches Mr. 4, Usopp fires a smoke bomb at him, robbing him of his vision. He quickly jumps away by slipping out of his shoes. Before Miss Merry Christmas can react, she is taken by Chopper’s horn and carried in Mr. 4’s direction. Through the smoke, the latter sees only a shadow and believes Usopp. With all his might, he punches Miss Merry Christmas in the face. Distracted by his mistake, he doesn’t notice the two Straw Hats preparing the next attack, and can’t avoid Usopp’s Usoccho Hammer Comet, which shoots into his stomach. The impact of the hammer hurls him backwards, taking Lassoo with him and slamming into a stone pillar. Victory at the east gate for Usopp and Chopper.

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