One Piece Chapter 185


Hatchan’s ocean walk, part 4 – Bon appetit, Hatchan!
As a thank you, the panda shark gives Hatchan a drumstick from his fridge in his nicely furnished cave.


Arbana, Usopp & Chopper vs Mister 4 & Miss Merry Christmas: After knocking Mister 4 out with his Usopp Pound. Usopp sees his chance and goes after Miss Merry Christmas. Filled with panic, she flees into her tunnels. Whenever she peeks out of an opening, Usopp tries to hit her, but is always too late. When she taunts him to learn to meet first, Usopp warns her since he killed the Baroque agents and also has 8,000 men under his command. Chopper admiringly asks him if that’s really true, to which Usopp just raises his hammer and mentions the five ton weight. Suddenly, Mister 4 groans and Miss Merry Christmas notices that he didn’t even get a bump. Lassoo spits out a ball, which hits the five ton hammer.

As it turns out, the hammer consists of two frying pans, which are connected to the wooden rod with a metal linkage. A plastic cover hides the inner workings, and the hammer weighs only two kilos in total. Miss Merry Christmas gets angry at being made fun of. She dives back into her tunnels and pops out from behind Usopp. Using the mole banana, she slaps Usopp in the face. Meanwhile, Mister 4 and Lassoo use the 400 Bang Knock against Chopper. Lassoo shoots several balls that scatter around Chopper. Lassoo quickly applies a Rumble Ball, switches to the Brain Point, and uses the Scope to look for Mister 4’s weak spot. He hits all the balls fired at Chopper. Usopp only sees a huge explosion, and so distracted he can only barely avoid Miss Merry Christmas’ next punch. She drives him through with Mole Escape: Mogugyo through the area. Usopp runs towards a wall and accelerates. He hopes if Miss Merry Christmas crashes into the wall fast enough, she’ll be knocked out, but she simply smashes through the stone wall.

In the process, an old ruin collapses, the remains of which fall right on Usopp. Miraculously, however, he was able to avoid all the stones and thinks he has won, when the Mole Woman is also already with him and grabs his legs. Using the Mole Highway, she drags him across the desert and slams him into a stone wall with the Mogu-Mogu Impact. Chopper has completed his Scope and has been able to spot the weak spot. He waves sand in Lassoo’s nose and sticks the dog’s head in a tunnel. The dog sneezes more often and immediately Usopp and Chopper flee and are able to escape a massive explosion that has blown up the tunnels.

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