One Piece Chapter 183


Hatchan’s ocean walk, part 2: Let’s go home!
Happy to be free again, Hatchan waves to the fish surrounding him.


Flashback, The Going Merry: After meeting Mr. 2, who can take any shape, the Straw Hats come up with a mark that identifies them as the real person at all times. A bandage on the left forearm that hides a cross. At the slightest suspicion, the person should remove the bandage.

Present, Arabasta, Arbana: Vivi runs away on Karoo from Mr. 2. She asks Karoo to stop to fight Mr. 2 herself. But Karoo runs towards the cliff of the city, as the way up the stairs and through the gate is blocked by fighting. Karoo climbs the cliff, but falls off backwards at the top, threatening to fall off. With desperate effort, however, he manages to fly a short distance. They think they’ve already shaken off Mister 2 when he runs up the cliff with his blood, sweat and tears relevé. Vivi immediately gets caught between the fighting between the rebels and the army in the city.

She is aware of not being able to find Koza in the thick of the battle and decides to run to the palace to find Chaka. Karoo makes his way through the fighting and despite being hit by a bullet, grits his teeth and continues to run followed by Mister 2. In an alley, however, Karoo finally collapses, completely exhausted. Karoo puts himself between Vivi and the charging Mister 2 with the last of his strength, but the latter is pushed away by the racing ducks Iwan X and Cowboy. Sanji thanks the two racing ducks and Karoo. He will now take care of the faggot. Vivi tells Iwan X and Cowboy to take care of Karoo. When Mister 2 tries to stop the walking Vivi, his kick is stopped by Sanji. He wants the glasses back from Usopp.

Outside the Southeast Gate: Chopper lies injured on the ground and is found by Usopp. Chopper warns him that their enemies are lurking nearby. Miss Merry Christmas is said to be a mole man and Mister 4 is a baseball freak who has a dog. They have to dodge a baseball, but the ball is knocked back by Mister 4 with a baseball bat and explodes in Usopp’s face.

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