One Piece Chapter 182


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 1: The Escape!
You can see someone jumping off a large navy prisoner transport ship into the open sea. Based on the six arms, you can guess Hatchan is behind it.


Arabasta, Arbana: Crocodile wants to prevent Vivi and Koza from meeting at all costs. The rebels are relentlessly closing in on the city. The earth shakes under the mass of two million onrushing rebels. Chaka stands with his soldiers, contemplating the plain. Vivi stands with Karoo some distance from the city to intercept Koza. She wants Karoo to leave as he will be trampled, but he will not leave her side. Koza leads the rebels, he draws his sword and gives orders to destroy the south gate first, then open the rest of the gates from the inside. They approach Vivi, who screams loudly for them to stop. Koza notices something, but at that moment a bomb explodes and blocks the view.

Arbana: Chaka yells at his soldiers that they shouldn’t shoot yet, but wait for his command first. The scolded soldier apologizes, but turns out to be a Baroque agent in disguise. The rebels continue to charge through the smoke of the explosion toward the city. Unaware of them, Koza rides close to Vivi. She tries to run after him, but is trampled by the following rebels. Karoo throws himself protectively on top of her. The royal army finally begins bombarding the approaching rebels. First fights flare up at the stairs to the gates.

Karoo has saved Vivi’s life. She wants to fight on and try to prevent the worst. She has learned at sea never to give up. Suddenly, Usopp is with her on a horse and wants to take her away. In town, Sanji is with Usopp and Matsuge, who were knocked out after two seconds against the fag. Usopp’s race duck had gotten Sanji and he realizes Vivi needs his help. Outside the city, Usopp urges haste, saying Vivi should leave the bird behind since he won’t make it anyway. Vivi remembers how well Usopp got along with Karoo and demands to see the sign. Usopp shows her the bandage and Vivi realizes it’s not the real one. Karoo has picked himself up and escapes with Vivi. Usopp turns out to be Mr. 2 and he wonders if Mr. 0 was mistaken about the bandage. He takes up the chase.

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