One Piece Chapter 181


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The rebels are riding camels towards Arbana and are only 30 minutes away, so Koza gives the order to get ready for battle. Meanwhile, the king’s soldiers have also noticed that the attackers are not far away, so Chaka orders the gates to be reinforced and the guards doubled.

Meanwhile, at the west gate of Arbana, the special agents wait for Vivi and the other Straw Hat Pirates to arrive, and they begin to wonder if they’ll even make it in before the rebels. In the background, Mr. 4, who is tasked with keeping an eye out for them, slowly says that they’re “coooooming”, though no one notices. Mr. 2 asks what they’re supposed to do if they don’t make it in time, to which Miss Doublefinger replies that they’ll be off the hook, while Mr. 1 says that they’ll still kill whoever they’re supposed to kill and asks the fag if he gets it. To this, Mr. 2 replies that he could spank him and Miss Merry Christmas wants a massage from Mr. 4, who just repeats that the pirates are coming, to which his partner gets angry and yells at him that he should have said that in the first place. She looks through the binoculars herself and wonders why there are six mounted racing ducks, which are the fastest animals in Arabasta, coming and not just four, while Mr. 1 doesn’t care how many opponents are coming, the main thing is that they get Vivi. Mr. 2, meanwhile, looks over at the rebels, is delighted to see so many strong men and thinks that the princess will never be able to stop them, while Miss Merry Christmas points out to Mr. 1 that if he wants to catch Vivi, he will first have to guess which of the racing duck riders is the princess.

The agents are slightly shocked that the approaching ones are riding these fast beasts and they don’t know who the wanted one is. At Miss Merry Christmas’ command, Mr. 4 launches a time bomb to see who is who, but the pirates simply dodge and split up. Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas pursue the riders heading towards the south gate, thinking one of them must be Vivi. After a projectile attack on Mr. 4, he and his partner also pursue two pirates and Mr. 2 the last, who simply run him down. The city guards let the pirates into the city since the animals are from the racing duck corps and the riders all tell the agents that they are Vivi and throw off their cloaks.

Vivi is in fact not one of the riders and has hidden behind a rock and is making her way towards the city. Those in disguise are Zoro, Chopper, Nami, Usopp, Sanji and the camel, to which all the agents are very shocked as they have obviously been tricked.

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