One Piece Chapter 180


Nami stands in a creek with dirty work clothes and a raccoon washes her pant leg. Another crosses a wooden footbridge over the stream with a pickaxe, while a third searches for gold in the stream with a sieve. In the background a hut with the words ‘Gold’ can be seen and even further away two factories with smoking chimneys.


Arabasta, Rainbase: Luffy fails to get more than his head out of the sand and is eventually swallowed whole again by the desert. Miss Bloody Sunday appears and heaves Luffy out of the sand with several hands using her devil power. He thanks her. She asks him what he and the people with a D are fighting for. She wants to know who they are. However, Luffy cannot answer her question. Pell also appears all of a sudden and limps over to the two. Miss Bloody Sunday advises him to rest and take care of the straw hat, because it was he who brought the princess back to Arabasta. She mounts an S-class banana crocodile, Arabasta’s second fastest animal, and still tells Pell that Vivi is on her way to Arbana. Luffy grabs Pell’s coat and asks for food.

Arabasta, Nanohana: Igaram is still alive and has arrived in Arabasta. He wants to hurry before everything is too late. In five hours, the rebels will reach Arbana. The sandstorm created by Crocodile reaches the oasis of Yuba. Toto stands in its way and yells at the storm that it cannot destroy Yuba.

Four hours to go: Vivi explains to the rest of the straw hats that the parade crab, Hasami, can’t swim because these crabs can’t tolerate water. So they have to find a way to get across the Sandora River. If they swim, it would take them days. Chopper has an idea and posts the lightly dressed Nami in front of Shear’s eyes, who looks at her greedily because he loves dancers. Shear gets faster and faster, but it’s all to no avail, after a short while he goes down. They say goodbye to Hasami, who remains on the shore, and begin to swim. The other shore is 50 kilometers away. Suddenly, a large Sandora catfish appears behind them and wants to eat them, but is defeated by Kung Fu seals. The seals think the Straw Hats are Luffy’s students and help them because of it. The seals pull the catfish on which the Straw Hats are sitting. Once they get to the other shore, there are three hours until the battle starts. As they talk about how to get to Arbana as quickly as possible, Karoo shows up with the racing duck corps, seven ducks in all, the fastest animals in Arabasta.

Arabasta, Arbana, east gate: One hour to go. Kobra is tied up near the gate. At the west gate, the Baroque special agents have gathered, Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger, Mr. 2, Mr. 4, and Miss Merry Christmas. They are waiting for the Straw Hat Pirates, who have already taken out six Special Agents. Their main target remains Vivi, who they will stop at all costs.

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