One Piece Chapter 179


Karoo flies on an eagle over the sea on which the Going Merry sails.


Arabasta, desert: The Straw Hat Pirates without the retarded Luffy rides together with Vivi and Matsuge on the moving crab Scissors. They want to get to Arbana quickly to stop the rebellion. Zoro trains by having Bashful stand on the sword scabbard and he repeatedly lifts it up. Usopp tells Chopper that he is responsible for the crabs moving sideways. Zoro and Sanji clash as usual. Vivi reassures everyone that they will see Luffy again in Arbana because they have a date.

Arabasta, Yuba Oasis: Toto is sitting in a big hole he has dug. It is full of water, the spring is still there.

Arabasta, near Rainbase: The sandstorm created by Crocodile is heading towards Yuba. He will be the end of the oasis. Luffy is still hanging on to his hook, which also punctured the small water barrel from Yuba. Water flows down Crocodile’s sleeve and Luffy is able to grab the forearm of him and squeeze hard. Surprised that Luffy is still alive, he throws him into the Desert Girasole, where Luffy sinks.

Rainbase: Smoker orders Tashigi to leave for Arbana with the soldiers. He leaves it up to her what she does there, but he will take full responsibility for her actions. Smoker gets on his smoke bike and plans to ride to the sea. He will stay in contact with Tashigi. Once he leaves, she gives the order to go after the Straw Hats. The rebels under Koza’s leadership are getting closer and closer to the capital Arbana, where they want to overthrow the king.

Arbana: Chaka oversees preparations for the coming battle. More than two million rebels are on the march. Chaka does not believe the King is to blame for the Nanohana incident, so they must defend the land at all costs, for the King and Vivi. The people are evacuated from the town. They are watched by Miss Merry Christmas and Mister 4 from a ledge. Behind them sits the bound Nefertari Kobra, whom they have kidnapped. Kobra, in his mind, asks Chaka and Pell not to fight. Both rebels and army are the people, they must stick together. The clash of the opposing parties is getting closer, incited by the Baroque Works. Can the battle still be averted? Tashigi with her marines is also on her way to Arbana. At Rainbase, a severely weakened Luffy sticks his head out of the sand and screams loudly and desperately that he is hungry.

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