One Piece Chapter 176


Chopper in human form is surrounded by sheep. He carries two buckets of food for the animals, who help themselves directly from the buckets.


Arabasta, Rainbase, Review: After Sanji reached the secret cellar, he defeated the third banana crocodile as stated by Smoker. Sure enough, it spat out a ball. This turns out to be a ball of wax, from which Mister 3 emerges. Just before the crocodile ate him, he enclosed himself in the ball of wax, saving his skin. He finds the key to the cage on the outside of the ball of wax and only now notices the trapped Straw Hats. He refuses to give them the key and when Sanji stands in front of him demanding it be handed over, he throws it out of reach. Usopp gets the idea to form a key using Mister 3’s wax power. After Sanji beats him up, Mister 3 willingly helps and is eventually kicked unconscious. Luffy and Zoro, thus freed, defeat the remaining crocodiles in short order and one takes the exit to Arbana. Before they reach it, however, the wall collapses and water seeps in.

Rainbase, present day: The Straw Hat Pirates was able to swim across the lake surrounding the casino to the surface and emerge on the shore. Sanji tells Nami to put on some of her perfume. Smoker, rescued by Zoro, strikes at Zoro with his jitte, who deflects the blow with his sword. Smoker wants to know why he saved him. Luffy had asked him to because Smoker can’t swim due to his devil power. However, Smoker is still bound by his mission to capture the Straw Hats. They are spotted by his soldiers and they run to him. Smoker decides to let the Straw Hats go this one time, but warns them that he will show no mercy the next time they meet. The Straw Hat gang flees from the onrushing marines towards Arbana. Smoker orders the soldiers to cease pursuit and that naval headquarters be contacted to send all available ships in the vicinity to Arabasta.

The Straw Hats keep running, wondering if they have to run all the way to Arbana, when Chopper and Bashful show up, riding on the back of a parade crab. The crab is Matsuge’s friend, so they all mount up. As they ride off, Vivi is suddenly pulled off the crab by Crocodile’s hook. Luffy acts immediately, pushing Vivi back onto the crab and holding onto the hook himself. He gives the order for them to ride ahead while he takes care of Crocodile.

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