One Piece Chapter 175


Color Spread. Luffy stands with a billy goat hat and a bow on his back in front of a wild looking leopard. Nami is sitting on a log in front of the leopard. She is holding a rifle of some sort.


Arabasta, Rainbase: Vivi leads Sanji through the Golden Rain Casino to the captured Straw Hats. Chopper, meanwhile, distracts Crocodile outside the casino. Vivi asks how Sanji escaped, having been shot. Sanji just grins.

Flashback: Outside the Gold Rain Casino, Sanji and Chopper have a million in their power and force him to lie to Crocodile through the Den-den Mushi that he took out Mr. Prince. This is to lure Crocodile outside the casino. After the Million plays his part, he is knocked out by Sanji. Earlier, the two have already defeated a few Millions outside the casino and more come running to the casino from the city. Chopper gets in their way, introducing himself as Mr. Prince and beating them up. When Crocodile finally joins them, Chopper has visibly hidden himself and flees when Crocodile sees him, who immediately chases him. Sanji has caused the bridge to the casino to collapse, but is seen doing so by Miss Bloody Sunday, who does nothing.

Present, Rainbase: Chopper has transformed into his human-reindeer form and so is not spotted by Crocodile, who has only seen Chopper’s larger human form. In the secret basement of the casino, the water keeps rising, and it’s already up to the prisoners’ knees. They lure the banana crocodile to the cage so it can bite it, but the only thing destroyed afterwards are the crocodile’s teeth. Smoker finds the Straw Hats’ attempts to finish Crocodile off at all costs naive. They know nothing about him. Crocodile’s partner has been wanted by the World Government for 20 years and has a bounty of more than 70 million berries, just like Crocodile. These two aren’t going to mess around with petty stuff. They want to rule the entire world. Suddenly, Banana Crocodile is knocked unconscious by Sanji with a kick to the gut. The Straw Hats cheer, but immediately urge Sanji to find the key. More banana crocodiles rush into the secret cellar, and Smoker tells them Sanji should defeat the third one first because it roars like the crocodile that swallowed the key.

Crocodile is on his way back to the secret cellar with Miss Bloody Sunday. The distraction and destruction of the bridge bought them time, but it won’t do them any good because he always had the real key on him and had only thrown a dummy to the crocodiles. He enters the basement and is horrified to drop the key, because all he finds are the defeated crocodiles in a flooded room and floating on the surface of the water is Mister 3 with a note on his chest that reads:

Ciao Croc! Mr. Prince


In an SBS from Volume 25, it is explained that even though Mister 3 is a Devil Fruit user, he can float on the water because there is a piece of buoyant wood called Kuuigosu floating underneath him.

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