One Piece Chapter 174


Zoro bathes in a spring. It is spewed over a jet of water that gushes from a lion’s head. With him monkeys are in the spring, relaxing and eating.


Arabasta, Rainbase, Golden Rain Casino: Crocodile recalls the conversation with the Den-den Mushi after Little Garden. There, too, the person called had answered with ‘This is the Baratié’ and Mister 3 objected to having used the Den-den Mushi on Little Garden. He wonders if anyone else from the Straw Hat Pirates is running around outside besides the four prisoners. Luffy and the others overhear the phone call, and Luffy is about to call out loud for Sanji when Usopp covers his mouth so as not to tell on Sanji. Crocodile wants to know who he’s talking to, and the man he doesn’t know introduces himself as Mr. Prince. Loudly, the Straw Hats in the cage yell for Mr. Prince, who remarks that his friends must be in Crocodile’s power. Suddenly a shot rings out and another person reports having caught him. They are at the entrance of the Golden Rain Casino. Crocodile orders him to wait, he himself will come.

Crocodile laughs at Mr. Prince’s unsuccessful attempt. Together with Miss Bloody Sunday he goes back to the casino. He doesn’t want to announce himself to the Millions, but just wants to look after things as the casino owner. Vivi tries to escape down the half-destroyed staircase and has to dodge another attack from the banana crocodile. She is able to grab onto the rest of the stairs and pulls herself up. She goes outside for help, but is pulled back by Crocodile’s hook. She lies motionless on the floor as Crocodile and Miss Bloody Sunday run up the stairs to the casino. The room continues to fill with water.

Crocodile enters the casino and hears that the rebels are going to storm Arbana. The visitors of the casino cheer Crocodile, they worship him as a folk hero. Vivi is still on the floor, the banana crocodile wants to snap at her, but she finds the strength to get up and escape over the crocodile’s head onto the stairs, still hurting the crocodile’s tongue with her pendulum. Once again the crocodile tries to grab at her, but only gets a hold of the stairs. The windows of the basement break apart and the room floods even faster. Vivi pleads with her to hang on, she’s going to get help.

Outside the Gold Rain Casino lie dozens of injured Millions. One can still tell Crocodile that it was a Mr. Prince who defeated them. Crocodile sees someone fleeing into town and gives chase, pissed off that he’s not to be messed with. Meanwhile, the bridge to the Golden Rain Casino collapses. Vivi is inside the casino right now and doesn’t know how to get out quickly now. That’s when she approaches Sanji, who is sitting at a vending machine smoking in peace. The plan works perfectly. No one can get into the casino anymore and Chopper runs through the city as a decoy.

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