One Piece Chapter 173


Luffy is sitting on a ledge with two dogs. One dog is fishing on the precipice in front of a cave with a sign above it that says ‘Bow’, while the other is cooking two fish over a fire. A rope ladder hangs down from the ledge and another ledge can be seen in the background with a hut standing on it.


Arabasta, Rainbase, Golden Rain Casino: The rebels are on their way to Arbana to overthrow the king. Crocodile estimates that it will take them about eight hours to reach Arbana. It takes longer from Rainbase. He gives Vivi the choice of saving millions of people or freeing her friends in the cage. But the key to the cage is with the banana crocodiles, one of which has just swallowed the key. She can’t get it back because banana crocodiles even eat sea kings. Crocodile says goodbye to everyone, and also informs them that the secret cellar will automatically flood because he has no more use for the room. In an hour, everything will be under water.

Vivi’s chances of saving either a million innocent civilians or the four trapped pirates are both very low. But Crocodile simply advises her to take a chance and taunts the rebels and the grandpa from Yuba. Luffy wants to know if he means Toto. Crocodile laughs at the old man who digs in the oasis every day. It turns out that Crocodile’s sand fruit is causing the constant storms. Laughing, Crocodile leaves the secret cellar with Miss Bloody Sunday. The floodgates open and water enters the cellar. Vivi is desperate to kill the walking Crocodile, who is responsible for all the suffering in her country. She twirls the Kujacky Slasher, but fails to attack. She is overwhelmed by the situation. Luffy calls out to her to do something to free her. Crocodile is amused by the attempt to beg for his life. Luffy yells at Vivi that they need to get out of the cage to kill Crocodile. The latter turns around briefly and arrogantly asks Luffy who he thinks he is. A banana crocodile gets out of another larger airlock and runs towards Vivi. More crocodiles want to follow the first one and crowd around the airlock. The first crocodile, meanwhile, goes for Vivi, who with difficulty escapes its teeth, which leave great damage in the stone staircase. The escape route seems to be cut off. A baby-Den-den Mushi, which can only be used for domestic calls, rings and Miss Bloody Sunday answers. A stranger answers and waits for a response. Crocodile recognizes the voice and the stranger tells him the Baratié is calling.

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