One Piece Chapter 172


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 37: They start over as sailors.
Jango and Fullbody dance with brooms in hand. Hina sits on the stairs smiling. Garp, Koby and Helmeppo are seen walking along in the background.


Arabasta, Nanohana: The town is on fire and the citizens are desperately trying to put out the fire. Mister 1 and Miss Doublefinger run to the outskirts of town to meet Mister 2 and make their way to Arbana. Mister 2, meanwhile, is happily running around town, rejoicing in the successful intrigue of having posed as a cobra. However, he is careless and is observed doing so by Kappa, who immediately wants to tell the townspeople that the real king was not responsible for Nanohana’s destruction. Unfortunately for him, however, Mister 1 and Miss Doublefinger are right behind him and take him out so he won’t tell on them. Kappa is later found badly injured and everyone blames the king’s soldiers. Kappa wants to tell them the truth, but doesn’t have enough strength to talk. Koza also appears, supported by a fellow soldier. He kneels before the boy and makes a decision. The rebels will attack Arbana, all bases are to be informed. Luckily for them, the stranded ship was fully loaded with weapons, as they did not have enough weapons for all the rebels so far. Mister 1, Mister 2 and Miss Doublefinger are driven to Arbana in a wagon by Banchi. Mister 2 thinks it’s weird that someone spotted him in town, but isn’t worried since Mister 1 eventually took him out. They chat that Mister 4 and Miss Merry Christmas had successfully kidnapped the king. In Nanohana, many rebels have gathered in a square. Koza stands elevated on crates and tunes his men for the upcoming battle. They will storm Arbana and overthrow the king.

Arbana: The events from Nanohana have reached Arbana, but Lord Chaka does not believe that Kobra is responsible. However, an officer thinks that the king has no alibi and now even most loyal followers are turning away. The rebels are already on their way to Arbana. Chaka no longer knows what to believe. He can only do his duty. Loudly he shouts to the assembled soldiers that they must protect the land and not listen to rumors. They will fight the rebels.

Rainbase, Golden Rain Casino: The incidents from Nanohana are also known in Rainbase, and the local rebels are gearing up for battle just like the soldiers located in Rainbase. In the casino, Crocodile laughs at the situation, having just explained his plan to his prisoners. Both the rebels and the soldiers want to save Arabasta, but they are really only being directed by him. The plan required a long lead time. The Baroque Works had to be formed, money raised, and Nebelin obtained. This was used to dry up the oases, agents were planted in the army and with the rebels. The people had to be stirred up against the king. Vivi, now tied to a chair, is determined to stop the rebellion and flee despite her situation to reach Arbana before the rebels do. Then she can still stop the war. Crocodile also wants to get to Arbana and he shows her the key to the cage where Luffy is locked up with the others. However, he throws him through a trapdoor into an underground room. It’s Vivi’s decision whether to save her friends or the country.

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