One Piece Chapter 171


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 36: Love Shock!!!
Jango and Fullbody see Hina and are blown away.


Arabasta, Arbana: There is an uproar in the royal palace because the king is not to be found. Lord Chaka instantly gives the order to search everything immediately. Pell could find him through his devil power, but he is in Rainbase at the moment. The army is to gather, as they want to march to Rainbase early to take action against Crocodile, but Chaka is undecided how to act. A messenger comes to him and reports that the king has been found.

Arabasta, Katorea, City of the Rebels: The leader of the rebels, Koza, rides a horse to Nanohana because Kobra is said to be there.

Flashback, Yuba Oasis: Toto, Koza’s father, talks his son into trusting the king. There are said to be 100,000 rebels already and the first battles between them and the royal army are taking place. The country suffers more and more from the drought. Water canals are breaking down and without rain even the oases are drying up. Elumalu, the green city, is abandoned, people starve, but Toto continues to ask his son to trust the king. In Arbana, Koza has an audience with the king. He demands that Cobra use Nebelin to prevent more people from starving. Koza urges him to be patient, for the fogin will do more harm than good. But Koza persists, threatening that it is the only way to stop the rebellion. Koza will not watch his land wither. Kobra still sees Koza as the little boy from when he was friends with Vivi. But Koza corrects him, he is now big enough to fight. He will come back for the rain.

Present, Nanohana: King Nefertari Kobra apologizes to the people in Nanohana for stealing the rain. He wants to make amends for the Nebelin incident, so he will give the order to destroy Nanohana. His soldiers are to burn the city to the ground. Kappa, who desperately wanted to join the rebellion but was sent away by Koza because he is too young, wants to attack the king with a hammer. The cities dry up because he steals the rain. Cobra kicks Kappa in the face. Before Kappa can retaliate, Koza comes riding up and demands an explanation from Cobra. The latter tells him that he wants to apologize for having dried up the land with the fog. Koza wants to rush at him, but is held back by soldiers. Desperate, he shouts at Kobra that even now the people believe in him despite the years of suffering. They all believe the king is innocent. A soldier shoots Koza, who is lying injured on the ground with tears in his eyes wanting to hear from Kobra that he is innocent. Because that’s what they fought for, to hear from Kobra’s mouth that he’s not to blame for the drought. A huge ship crashes into Nanohana’s harbor at full speed and collapses over the city. Mister 1 and Miss Doublefinger have steered it into the city. Kobra rejoices, orders fires to be set and then leaves. Kobra turns out to be Mister 2, who had transformed and is now leaving town unnoticed.


This is the first chapter without an appearance by a single member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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