One Piece Chapter 170


Jango’s Dancing Paradise, Part 35: It’s Better to Forget Everything! One, two…
Jango’s about to hypnotize Fullbody. The marines are howling.


Arabasta, Rainbase, Robin vs Pell: Miss Bloody Sunday stands on the roof next to Vivi and politely asks Pell, who is standing on the ground ready to fight, if she can invite the princess to the Golden Rain Casino. Pell resolutely refuses and Vivi wants to take out Miss Bloody Sunday with her pendulum, but she is able to grab Vivi’s hand and stop her. She was the one who killed Igaram. But they ended up doing the same to the Millions and Miss Bloody Sunday thrusts a hand through Vivi’s stomach. Enraged, Pell turns into a hawk and flies up to protect the princess. Vivi is pushed away and Miss Bloody Sunday applies Tres Fleur, where she grows three arms from Pell’s body. With two she grasps his wings, the third preventing him from drawing his sword. Thus rendered flightless, he crashes uncontrollably onto the roof. She can make body parts sprout like flowers wherever she wants through the Flora-Flora fruit. Pell wants to avenge Igaram and runs towards her with his sword drawn. However, Miss Bloody Sunday takes advantage of the speed and power of the attack and breaks Pell’s back with Seis Fleurs, Clutch. She now politely but firmly asks Vivi to follow her to the Golden Rain Casino, where Crocodile awaits her.

Rainbase, Golden Rain Casino, Secret Cellar: Usopp and Luffy are bored and pass the time with jokes or sleeping like Zoro. Nami doesn’t find any of this funny, but she makes it clear to the amused Crocodile that Luffy will beat him once he’s out. Miss Bloody Sunday enters the room with Vivi. Immediately, Vivi lunges at the hated Crocodile and hits him in the head with Kujacky String Slasher, causing him to disappear, as does his entire body shortly thereafter. Only sand remains. Crocodile suddenly stands behind her and holds her down. In Arabasta, everyone knows Crocodile’s ability of the Sand Fruit, which allows him to turn into sand. He orders Vivi to sit down. It’s after seven o’clock, the Baroque Works’s Operation Utopia has begun. A long day begins.

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