One Piece Chapter 169


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 34: Let it go!
Jango wants to thank Fullbody (dressed differently) but he refuses.


Arabasta, Rainbase, Golden Rain Casino: Luffy yells loudly for Crocodile in the casino, but is immediately grumbled at by Nami and Usopp for not knowing what Crocodile looks like without Vivi and for the yelling being too conspicuous. An employee calls for security guards when Smoker also comes storming into the casino, despite being told at the entrance that the Navy has no access. The three of them and Zoro flee from Smoker into the casino, running down the guards without realizing it. Miss Bloody Sunday is at the casino and gives the order to take the pirates to the V.I.P. lounge on orders from Crocodile. Employees direct the running intruders to a door, behind which begins a corridor that forks after a short while. A sign indicates the VIP lounge on the left and the way for pirates on the right. Luffy, running ahead, doesn’t think about it and takes the path for pirates. But there is only a trapdoor there and so the four Straw Hats as well as Smoker end up in a cage.

Luffy feels weak when he touches the bars and is suddenly pinned to the ground by Smoker with his jitte. Smoker holds the tip of the jitte on Luffy’s body, who feels very weak and has no strength left, just like in the water. Smoker explains to him, there is a sea stone mounted on the tip of the jitte that can paralyze devil powers. The prison walls of the naval headquarters are also made of this stone. It is not known why it paralyzes devil powers, the stone acts like crystallized sea water. The cage’s bars are also made of sea stone, so Smoker can’t escape, but he can take out the Straw Hats at his leisure. A pleased Crocodile, one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas, sits in the room and advises Smoker not to do it because they all share the same fate. He’s surprised to have a marine in his casino because the World Government trusts him, so Smoker is probably in Rainbase on his own account. Luffy immediately wants to pounce on Crocodile, but forgets the effect of the bars and sinks down powerless. Crocodile warns them to be patient, as they are still waiting for a guest his partner is picking up at the moment.

Rainbase: Vivi was able to take out a few Millions in the city, but has to surrender to the superior number of her opponents. Just as the Millions are about to pin the princess down, they are shot at with bullets. A hawk comes flying in from the air with guns on its talons, grabs Vivi and sets her down on the roof of a building. It is Pell the Hawk, a member of the royal bodyguard, who can become a hawk by using the Hawk Fruit, which he declares to be one of five devil fruits with the ability to fly. Using the Flying Claw, he quickly and effectively takes out the remaining Millions. Vivi is glad for the help and immediately wants to rush to the others, which is equally welcomed by Miss Bloody Sunday, who has just appeared on the roof. Pell, still standing on the ground, asks the princess if the strange woman belongs to Crocodile.

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