One Piece Chapter 167


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 32: The Court Dances!
Everyone is celebrating and throwing their hands up in the air in jubilation.


Arabasta, Yuba Oasis: Vivi shows the Straw Hat Pirates Arabasta on a map and their destination Rainbase, where Crocodile can be found. They have to cross the desert to the north to get there. Rainbase has water and casinos. Luffy angrily takes the small water barrel from Usopp, because the water Toto dug all night for can’t be wasted. They make their way through the scorching heat of the desert. Nami and Vivi ride on Matsuge, to which Usopp and Luffy complain, whining and running with thirst on the side. Sanji and Zoro endure the heat as does Chopper, who wants to make it through the day this time. Vivi thanks Luffy for the help, without the Straw Hats she wouldn’t stand a chance against Crocodile. Luffy only asks for a food party in return after defeating Crocodile.

Arabasta, Katorea Oasis, Rebel Camp: Kappa, a boy from Nanohana, stands before the seated leader of the rebels, Koza, and wants to join the rebellion against the king. Koza flatly refuses and, as a deterrent, shows the boy Farafra, a fellow rebel who lost his right hand and part of his shoulder trying to protect Koza. While Kappa is shocked by the sight, he is still determined to fight the king. He has a sick friend who lives near Elumalu. His town will soon dry up because the king is stealing the rain. He is not afraid of death. Koza urges him to go home because they fear death themselves and are only fighting because the king started the war. He yells at Kappa that children have no business being with the rebels. Later he sits with his subordinates. Kappa had reminded him of himself in his childhood. Since the arms trade is controlled, the rebels don’t have enough weapons. Koza gives orders to inform all bases that they will attack Arbana as soon as they have enough weapons.

Arabasta, Arbana, Royal Palace: King Nefertari Kobra shouts at Chaka, Deputy Igaram and Pell, royal bodyguard, that he will not give an order to attack the rebels, thus killing his own people. The Nebelin incident has proven that a conspiracy is afoot. It is not the people who are the enemy but the conspirators. Chaka urges haste because they must act quickly before everything is too late and finding the conspirator would take too long. Later, Pell and Chaka sit together in a portico. They can’t hold the soldiers back much longer from attacking the rebels themselves, but Kobra won’t let them. Pell wishes that Igaram were there, who, when he left the country, left only a note that he would be leaving for some time. A messenger rushes to them and reports Karoo’s return. Along with Kobra, the three read the letter written by Vivi, which names Crocodile as the author of the conspiracy. Kobra cannot believe that Crocodile, the very man he trusted, has betrayed him. They also learn of Igaram’s death. Chaka praises Karoo’s courage and asks him what he has on his left wing, but Karoo does not allow an examination of the bandage, which serves as the identifying mark of the Straw Hats. Kobra makes a decision and orders everything to be prepared for an attack on Rainbase. Pell strongly advises him of the dangers. Rainbase is far from Arbana and Crocodile might escape before then. He also has the people on his side, who like him more than the king. The attack on Rainbase by royal troops could let the rebellion begin and end with the storming of the king’s palace. However, Cobra opposes the objections. They must stop Crocodile at all costs, even if the army is defeated, it is the only way to save the country. Chaka is to call the officers together, while Pell is to sound out the situation. The next morning the troops are to be on the move.

The rebels are based in Katorea, their target is the capital Arbana. The Royal Army is based in Arbana, their destination is Rainbase. Luffy and the Straw Hats are also headed for Rainbase. Seventeen hours left until the Baroque Company’s Operation Utopia.

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