One Piece Chapter 164


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 30: Death Sentence!
Jango stands before three judges. The left one crosses his arms. The middle one decides the sentence and the right one is boozing.


Flashback Arabasta eleven years ago, Arbana: The desert kids fight against the two unknown men who have it in for Vivi. They want to use her to extort money, but armed with clubs, the desert kids stand up to them. Another kidnapper has sneaked up and grabbed Vivi, but she is able to break free and runs away. Later, Igaram and Kobra arrive at the scene of the fight and find the desert kids lying on the ground, badly injured. One kid tells them that robbers are trying to kidnap Vivi, who has fled to the old ruin. Koza has also run there.

Arbana, Ruin: The robbers are looking for Vivi, who is hiding behind a wall. She is discovered by one, who is knocked to the ground with a wooden club by Koza, who has also appeared. Unharmed, the robber gets back up, pulls out a dagger and promises to slash Koza with it. Undeterred, Koza is ready to fight and will only give way over his dead body. He charges at the bandit and is struck in the left eye by the dagger. Blood spurts from the wound, but Koza is able to give the bandit a direct hit to the head with his wooden club. Though the bandit is unconscious, Koza is also badly hurt when the other two bandits appear. Kobra and Igaram emerge from the side, furiously hitting the two. More bandits are brought by Chaka and Pell, who reproach the king for leaving the palace without bodyguards. Igaram arranges for doctors to attend to Koza and the desert kids.

Arbana, Palace: Koza has been taken care of and is well, only Vivi is sitting sadly on a chair. She had been afraid, but not of the daggers, but of Koza’s statement that the bandits will only get to Vivi over his dead body. She doesn’t want him to say such things. Kobra is pleased, he asks Koza if he loves the land, who answers in the affirmative, he was born in the land after all. Laughing, Kobra agrees with him. In an archway, Igaram tells the king of his concern that Vivi might be too soft for the hard decisions a ruler has to make. Kobra sees the positive in this because Arabasta needs a government with heart.

Koza tells Vivi about the oasis of Yuba, where Toto is to build a city by order of the king. Caravans from all over the country pass by Yuba and therefore a large trading city is to be built. Koza is excited about the plan and goes to Yuba with his father. He says goodbye to Vivi.

Present, Arabasta, Yuba: Toto continues to believe in the king despite the three years of drought. He tried to stop the rebels, but was unsuccessful. The rebels are at the end of their rope themselves and their next move will be a kamikaze action. He implores Vivi to stop the rebels.

Katorea Oasis near Nanohana: New weapons have arrived at the rebel camp, but not very many. A rebel who accompanied the cargo goes to Koza, who is lying in his tent, and says that Arabasta is finished.

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