One Piece Chapter 163


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 29: War and Peace
Fullbody puts handcuffs on Jango. The marines are howling.


Arabasta, Yuba Oasis: The Straw Hat Pirates and Vivi have reached Yuba, but a sandstorm is raging over the oasis. When they enter the town, the storm has subsided, but they find not an oasis, but a town in ruins, swallowed by the desert. An elderly man digs into the town and apologizes as Yuba is parched. Nevertheless, he welcomes them warmly. When asked about the rebels, he becomes angry and tells them that they are no longer in Yuba. It has not rained for three years and the many sandstorms have finally dried up the oasis. The caravans also stop coming, which means that no more provisions reach the city. Therefore, the rebels have gone to Katorea, the oasis near Nanohana from which the Straw Hat Pirates came. The Straw Hats are annoyed at the unnecessary journey they have taken. As they do so, the man hears Vivi’s name and is pleased to see that she is still alive. She finally recognizes Uncle Toto in him. With tears in his eyes, he confesses to still believing in the king and asks Vivi to stop the rebels.

Arabasta eleven years ago, Arbana: A young Koza stands before Nefertari Kobra in the royal palace and blames him for drying up their village. Toto, Koza’s father and much more obese, storms into the hall and apologizes for his son’s behavior. Kobra promises to take care of the village and the two are allowed to stay in Arbana for the time being. Toto bows and pushes Koza to the floor as well, but he tears away, saying it won’t bring them back the rain either. He runs out of the hall, but Kobra is impressed because he is fighting for his village.

Flashback: Koza runs through the palace and passes Vivi and Karoo, who calls him a crybaby. Igaram makes the king aware that they cannot help everyone as there is not enough money. Kobra retorts upset that then just the palace will have to cut back. Vivi is brought to the king with a bleeding nose, she has had a fight with Koza. Igaram is furious and wants to take on Koza, but is stopped by Kobra. Toto has also come and wants him to be punished instead of his son. Furious, Kobra silences both of them and says not to make such a big deal out of the brawl, they are just kids after all.

Flashback, Arbana, outskirts: Koza’s gang, kids from Arbana, gather at the outskirts because their leader was challenged by Vivi. After an even fight, Vivi is finally appointed vice-chief of the desert kids by Koza. Hidden behind a wall, Kobra and Igaram watch the scene. Kobra is proud of his daughter and is sure that her friendship with the kids will help her govern later. Some time later, Vivi comes to Toto in the morning and asks for Koza, but he has already left. She is invited to lunch by Toto’s wife, Aswa. Unobtrusively, Vivi is observed by Igaram and Kobra, but both are discovered by Toto, who sends them back to the palace. Vivi searches for Koza and encounters two men, who are immediately attacked by rushing desert kids. Koza is also there and orders Vivi to leave quickly because they would be after her.

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