One Piece Chapter 162


Jango’s Dancing Paradise, part 28: Let’s dance, baby! Dance, I say
Jango and Fullbody stand in dance pose over the pirates lying on the floor.


Arabasta, Desert: The Straw Hat Pirates and Vivi cross the desert on their way to the Yuba Oasis to meet the rebel leader Koza. The scorching sun takes a toll on Luffy. Chopper is also severely weakened and has to be pulled by Zoro. Vivi doesn’t mind the heat, she grew up in this country. The desert has existed for a very long time, making the dunes up to 300 meters high. Luffy drinks water from the shared barrel, but is told to be content with just a sip. However, due to his rubber body, he fills his mouth with a lot of water, which is why an argument breaks out with Usopp. Vivi warns them to conserve their strength. They’re only a quarter of the way there. Therefore, Luffy is supposed to be patient with a pirate snack until the next rock shadow, but there is no rock in sight far and wide.

It’s Luffy’s turn to pull the provisions and luggage when Usopp sees a rock through his glasses. Excited by the prospect of a break, Luffy rushes to the rock with the provisions. He lies down in the shadows and notices birds lying on the ground there, seemingly dying. He quickly runs to the others and reports the birds. He wants Chopper to help the birds. Vivi, alarmed, hears Luffy’s story and when they arrive at the rock, the luggage and provisions are gone. Vivi explains to them that the birds are con artists who get rich by deceiving people. Sanji is furious at Luffy’s naivety, which caused them to lose their provisions and all the water. Zoro reassures them as they will reach Yuba the same day and get water there. They plan to leave again in ten minutes.

Luffy spots the Vertigo Herons with their provisions and runs after the fleeing birds to retrieve their things, but comes running back shortly after and with him is a camel, pursued by a Sandora Lizard. Finally, Luffy with his gum-gum whip, Zoro with his whirlwind, and Sanji with the Epaule Shoot together attack the Sandora Lizard and defeat it. Immediately, it is prepared and roasted on a rock. The camel that escaped with Luffy has a saddle that two people can sit on, but it does not allow Luffy to ride it. Chopper translates that the camel thanks him for rescuing them and can take them too, but only allows girls to ride on it. Nami christens the camel Matsuge and together with Vivi she rides off. Quickly the others want to follow, but Luffy suddenly has delusions of a tsunami. He had carelessly eaten cacti for meat, which turn out to be LSD mushrooms. Chopper sedates him with an anesthetic syringe, though Zoro now has to drag him behind him. They continue walking all day, braving other dangers of the desert in addition to the heat. Finally, the sun sets and night begins. It quickly turns cold as they spot light in the distance. They have reached the oasis of Yuba, but Vivi notices that something is wrong.

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