One Piece Chapter 161


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 27 – Shall we dance?
Jango and Fullbody fight united and defeat the Tulip Pirates easily.


Special Agents 1 – 4 are in the transport turtle Banchi on their way to Rainbase, where Crocodile is already waiting for them. Miss Merry Christmas is still surprised that Pola is Miss Doublefinger, but the latter only replies coolly that she never said she wasn’t.

At Rainbase, Crocodile is informed by his partner Nico Robin that the message for the rebels is already being transported to Nanohana by Collar Lizards.

Earlier that day, the Straw Hats and Vivi arrive in Elumalu, once called the Green City. Suddenly, a Kung Fu seal jumps out of the water next to Usopp and knocks him out, but it is beaten up by Luffy in return. According to Vivi, these animals are especially strong and whoever can defeat them must become their teacher. Luffy shows them some drills, then leaves the ship in their care and then sets off with the others for Yuba through Elumalu.

Once this town was green and not long ago many people lived here. But it has not rained for three years now, and so it is now deserted. People have never had to worry so seriously about rain in Arabasta for thousands of years, at least of all in the capital, Arbana. There, Vivi tells me, it has always rained a little more than in other places in the country. People have always considered it a miracle until two years ago, when a shipment of nebelin arrived in Nanohana. The load, which was destined for the king, crashed and everyone could see the fogine.

Nebelin is a so-called rain powder. When you burn it, clouds quickly form and rain begins to fall. The powder caused clouds to grow in their own country, but this powder deprived other clouds of their moisture, causing droughts in other countries. When the powder was discovered in Nanohana, the people of Arabasta thought the king was using the powder to steal the rain. But King Cobra had nothing to do with it at all. In truth, Crocodile was behind it. The people trusted the king less and less since then and a rebellion started. Vivi, however, will not let him get away with this.

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