One Piece Chapter 160


Color Spread: Special Agents 0 – 5 are shown with their respective partners. Under Mr. 2, who has no partner, you can see Luffy.


In order not to lose the blank piece of paper Luffy received from Ace, he has Nami sew it into his straw hat. He is now firmly convinced that he will never lose it. After he puts his hat back on, he receives a coat for the desert from Vivi. Since it is very hot and sunny in the desert, they will all wear such a coat, which pleases Sanji rather less, since he will then no longer see Nami and Vivi in their clothes.

After crossing the Sandora by ship, they will travel to Elumalu. From there, their journey will take them across the desert to Yuba, where they think they will find the rebel army. There Vivi will try to convince them to stop the rebellion, as the real culprit is Crocodile.

Meanwhile, Crocodile tells his partner that the plan will start seven in the morning in two days. Further, he asks her if she has arranged everything, to which Nico Robin replies that about 150 billions are stationed in Nanohana. Mr. 2 has been recalled from his mission to capture Mr. 3. He meets up with the other special agents at Spider’s cafe at eight. It is now past five.

Arabasta, Spiders Café: Due to the meeting of the special agents, the café was closed. The first to enter the meeting place are Miss Merry Christmas and her partner Mr. 4. The two are greeted by the shopkeeper, Pola. She offers them some tea. Shortly after, Mr. 2 appears along with his band of pirates. Mr. 2 enters the café alone and a small argument ensues between him and Miss Merry Christmas.

At 8 o’clock sharp, another man appears in front of the café. He beats up the members of Bon Kurei’s pirate gang because, in his opinion, they were making funny movements. The attacker is Mr. 1. Since he beat up Mr. 2’s people just like that, the latter starts a fight, which, however, can be stopped by Pola after a short time. In the process, it comes out that Pola is actually Miss Doublefinger, Mr. 1’s partner. She tells the other agents that the boss in Rainbase is waiting for them.

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