One Piece Chapter 159


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 26 – Jango’s Return
Jango is back in his old clothes. He has freed the hostage and is swinging his hypnosis pendulum around.


On a navy ship in Nanohana’s harbor, Mr. 11 sits tied to a mast. Since the marines are currently chasing the Straw Hats, the harbor is almost deserted. The Baroque agent wants to take his chance and escape, however some Billions have already joined the ship. They shoot Mr. 11 in hopes that one of them will take his place.

Meanwhile, with Ace’s help, the Straw Hats were able to escape and reach their ship. Once there, they stow their supplies and sail on without Karoo. Meanwhile, Karoo goes to Arbana to the king’s palace on Vivi’s behalf, where he is to deliver a message to the king containing everything that Vivi and Igaram have found out about Crocodile and his plan.

After the gang has sailed on with their ship, Luffy explains to them that Ace is his big brother. He is three years older than him and is also a pirate, but has been one for three years longer than Luffy. Like himself, he is looking for the One Piece. In their childhood, the two used to fight, but Luffy was never able to defeat his brother despite his devil power and the fact that Ace didn’t have devil powers back then. Now, however, he thinks he could do it easily. At that moment, Ace comes jumping at him from behind.

Ace asks Luffy if he wants to join the Whitebeard gang, but Luffy refuses, which Ace has already expected. Usopp is surprised that Ace belongs to Whitebeard. However, Ace is very proud of this. He also thinks Whitebeard should be Pirate King, not Luffy. To which Luffy calmly replies that he will probably have to fight Whitebeard someday.

Meanwhile, in town, Smoker wonders why Ace helped Luffy and why Princess Vivi was staying with the Straw Hats. He also knows that the Samurai of the Seas Crocodile is in that land. Tashigi tries to appease him, since Crocodile is under the world government. But Smoker is of the opinion that he was a pirate and thus will always remain one.

Before Ace says goodbye again, he gives Luffy a piece of paper. He says that this way they will always meet again. Luffy thinks it’s a shame that his brother has to leave already and asks him why he couldn’t stay a little longer. But Ace is on the lookout for Blackbeard, a former member of the Whitebeard gang, but who murdered one of his comrades. Since he is the commander of the 2nd Division, the division Blackbeard was also in, he would have to track down and kill Blackbeard.

When the Billions learn that the second in command of the Whitebeard pirate gang is in Nanohana, they immediately head to their ships to stop him. They hope to go far up in the Baroque ranks if they kill him. However, Ace manages to make his boat dive under the ships while jumping over them. On the other side, he lands back on his boat and destroys all the ships with just one attack.

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