One Piece Chapter 157


Jango’s Disco Show, Part 24: The Hostage
Fullbody’s attack on the Tulip Pirates results in them taking a woman hostage.


A sea cat that emerges from the sea causes turmoil among the Straw Hat Pirates: While Usopp and Chopper are very scared, Zoro and Luffy are happy to finally have food after four days. Nami remains calm and says they’ll be there soon, while Luffy throws a “food fit”, which the sea cat gets scared of. Sanji still warns not to let the cat escape, after which Vivi knocks the starving pirates down with an iron club. The sea cat uses this moment to disappear.

Vivi explains to the others that the sea cat is sacred in Arabasta and Chopper notes that it is very dangerous here, to which Usopp, still shaking, asks if Chopper was afraid of the cat and notes that the monster is nothing against the sea kings and that his food is now swimming away. Luffy, meanwhile, has recovered, as Vivi points out to him that there will soon be something between his teeth.

Zoro thinks Arabasta is not far away, as many Baroque ships appear on the horizon with at least 200 billions on board. Usopp’s suggestion to sink the ships is rejected by Luffy, as he would rather have some food and besides, there are only eight of the Straw Hats and therefore they would have the worse cards in a fight.

All of the crew tie a bandage around their left wrist so that all members can immediately tell if Mr. 2 has turned into one of them. When Chopper asks what he should do, Usopp replies that he should just do what he does best, and if the enemy is stronger, he should just run away. Sanji refers to this “tactic” as “Usopp’s rabbit’s foot method”. When the harbor is in sight, Luffy declares the tape to be the team sign, the gang goes ashore, and he wants to eat first and foremost, and then rescue Arabasta.

Meanwhile in Nanohana, a port town of Arabasta: There is a lot of crowd in front of the “Spice Bean” restaurant. Captain Smoker of the navy wants to know why it has become so noisy in the store, to which he gets the answer from a marine that a wanted man has died in there while eating, because he probably ate a strawberry-shaped poison spider and therefore one must not touch him, because the poison remains in the corpse for a very long time.

In the pub the wanted man suddenly wakes up, whereupon all the guests are frightened. He wonders about the many people and wipes his dirty face on the dress of a woman standing next to him. The people wonder how one can fall asleep while eating and the stranger asks what is going on. To the angry guests’ reply that they were afraid for him, he declares those present to be “mad” and falls asleep again, whereupon the guests become even angrier.

Smoker learns that there is no dead body in the restaurant after all, and the reawakened wanted man asks the cook of the restaurant for “Straw Hat Luffy” on the basis of a wanted poster. Smoker enters the store, addresses the stranger by the name of “Ace” and asks what he wants here. The pirate replies that he is looking for his little brother (Luffy) and it is learned that Ace is a commander of the infamous Whitebeard pirate gang.

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