One Piece Chapter 156


Color Spread: The straw hats are on a giant skeleton.


It has been five days since the The Going Merry left Drum Island and they are still sailing towards Arabasta. Luffy and Usopp are out fishing with Karoo as bait when suddenly steam starts to spread. Nami explains to Chopper that this is because lava has erupted from a volcano underwater. In a few thousand years, there will probably be a new island in this area.

On the other side of the steam, Mr. 2 is on his way to Little Garden. His men, noticing the steam in time, want to wait it out, but Mr. 2 orders them to keep going. After they have driven into the steam, the Baroque agent has suddenly disappeared.

Shortly after, he reappears. However, not on board his ship, but on Luffy and Usopp’s fishing rod. The two scream in horror that they have caught a fag, whereupon Mr. 2 falls into the water. However, the Straw Hats are able to save him in time. On the ship, he thanks the pirates and asks them for some warm soup, as he is starving. However, Zoro makes it clear to him that they would have nothing to eat themselves. Meanwhile, Luffy brings up the fact that Bon Kurei can’t swim either. This is because the latter has also eaten from a devil fruit. When asked about his abilities, he throws his hand full force into Luffy’s face. The others present are horrified. Zoro is about to reach for his sword when he suddenly sees Mr. 2 with Luffy’s face. Bon Kurei enlightens the others by telling them that he ate of the transgender fruit. When he touches his head again with his left hand, the face transforms back and he looks normal again. Shortly after, he has also touched Nami, Chopper, Zoro, and Usopp, allowing him to transform into them as well. With this transformation not only his face changes, but also his body, which he wants to show to Nami. But she is less enthusiastic about it and gives him a punch. Since Bon Kurei can’t do anything else with his devil power, he shows his face collection to the straw hats. To her horror, Vivi recognizes the face of her father King Cobra.

Some time later, Nami catches sight of a ship heading straight for her. It is the ship of Bon Kurei’s band of pirates. He says goodbye, goes back to his ship, and sails away with his men. While sailing away, the Straw Hats hear Bon Kurei’s men address him as Mr. 2. They are all horrified, as he is an agent of the Baroque Works. However, Vivi could not recognize him as she has never seen Mr. 1 as well as his partner and Mr. 2. She has only heard rumors that Mr. 2 is a faggot. Furthermore, she tells her friends that she recognized one of the faces Mr. 2 showed them as that of her father.

Mr. 2 could still prove very dangerous to the Straw Hats, as he has saved some of their faces. However, Zoro takes a more positive view of the matter. Since they have met Mr. 2, they now know his abilities and can take special measures.

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