One Piece Chapter 155


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 23: Ciao, You Airheads!
Jango takes off on the boat and makes fun of Fullbody.


Sandy Island, Arabasta, port city of Nanohana: The inhabitants, captured by pirates, cheer Crocodile, who has arrived in town. The latter instructs them to be silent because he has only come to take the heads of the pirates. Nevertheless, they continue to cheer for Crocodile, who is standing on the roof of a building. To the residents, he is Arabasta’s guardian angel, one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. The pirates are unimpressed and want to give Crocodile, whom they deride as a government lackey, a thrashing. Crocodile jumps from the roof and the pirates raise their swords to impale him. Motionless, Crocodile falls on the swords and the pirates are already confident of victory when a storm sweeps them away and buries them under a great amount of sand. Unharmed, Crocodile remains standing above them. The villagers cheer him and without paying further attention to them, Crocodile leaves Nanohana with the pirates’ booty.

Arabasta, Arbana, King’s Palace: The King’s two bodyguards, Chaka and Pell, report the incident at Nanohana. When they arrived, Crocodile had already disposed of the pirates. The King Nefertari Kobra takes it that way, saying that as long as the people are well, he is grateful to Crocodile.

Grand Line, The Going Merry: Luffy is confronted by Sanji. The provisions for the entire crew have disappeared, but Luffy pretends to be ignorant, Sanji however sees through his lies and with a trick he gets Luffy to admit to his theft. With a strong kick, he is punished by Sanji. Meanwhile, Usopp, Chopper, and Karoo sit fishing at the railing and eat the supplies unnoticed. They were Luffy’s accomplices, who is writhing painfully on the deck. Sanji demands a lockable refrigerator from Nami. Vivi later explains to the crew that Crocodile is a hero in Arabasta, despite being one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. The people don’t care who eliminates the pirates for them. They would think differently if they knew Crocodile’s true plans to take over Arabasta. The Straw Hats’ mission is to drive out the Baroque Works and end the civil war. Usopp wants to know how the company is structured and Vivi explains it to everyone.

At the head is Crocodile with his partner Miss Bloody Sunday. Under him are twelve agents and an animal. They always appear as a pair and are called Mr. and Miss. Mr. 13 and Miss Friday are the punishment squad. Agent pairs one through five are the special agents. Most of them have devil powers. They are given important missions and the Billions, 200 men, report to them. Agents 6 through 12 are Border Agents and they lead the Millions, 188 men. The frontier agents raise money for the company on the Grand Line. So in the proposed takeover of Arabasta, all the special agents will be together.

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