One Piece Chapter 154


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 22: Full Power Fullbody!
Fullbody punches a pirate with his iron fist and holds the arm of another. Short and sweet, he takes them down on his own.


The Straw Hat Pirates has set sail with their new member Tony Tony Chopper. Dalton and Dr. Kureha are sitting on the edge of the Snow Rockies talking. Kureha says that Hiriluk has only worked one real miracle, which is that Chopper has gone to sea. Dalton is glad that everything will soon be back to normal. Two villagers show up and press Luffy’s wanted poster into Dalton’s hand. Dalton asks one of them where he got it. He replies that a week ago, a traveler appeared out of nowhere. He was looking for Blackbeard and his gang, who had left though. He also asked if there was a pirate with a straw hat here. When the villager replied in the negative, the traveler gave him the wanted poster and asked him to tell the straw-hatted pirate when he arrived on Drum that he would be waiting for him in Arabasta in ten days. The villager still inquired his name, whereupon the latter told him to bring nice greetings from Ace and went away.

Dalton figures they don’t need to tell them anymore, since they’re headed for Arabasta anyway. He recognized in Vivi the little girl who was beaten by Wapol at the World Conference in Mary Geoise. Kureha asks those present if they know Gol D. Roger. They answer in the affirmative, and Kureha thinks Chopper has shown a good nose for Luffy. She thinks Gol D’s spirit actually lives on.

The Going Merry: The Straw Hat Pirates is having a party. Nami wants the boys to be considerate of Karoo for being too loud. The race duck was frozen in the river when the Straw Hat Pirates returned to their ship. Zoro thinks that Karoo, the klutz, must have fallen in when Chopper tells them that Karoo jumped in after Zoro when he jumped into the river. Nami slaps Zoro for being responsible and Vivi asks the reindeer if he can really understand Karoo, which he confirms.

Only now does Chopper realize that he forgot his doctor’s backpack. Nami holds up a backpack and asks him if he means this one, to which he answers in the affirmative. She inquires if he didn’t put it in the sled himself and says that it must have been Dr. Kureha, as she must have anticipated what Chopper was up to. Usopp now asks for attention and the whole crew toasts their new member and ship’s doctor Chopper.

Little Garden: Mr. 2 has gone to Little Garden with his gang, as they have received orders from Mr. 0 to kill Mr. 3, as he has failed. However, they cannot find him on the island and make their way back to Arabasta.

Arabasta: Mr. 0 hears from Miss Bloody Sunday that pirates are raiding the town. She asks him if he will go. Mr. 0 wants to go, after all he is one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas, so he is a folk hero.

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