One Piece Chapter 153


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 21: Let’s Get Out of Here! Jango escapes as the navy goes into battle against the pirate gang.


Luffy asks if they don’t want to see Kureha and Dalton off. Nami thinks Chopper better do it alone, since it’s going to be hard enough for him anyway. Usopp asks again if they’re really leaving right away. Nami confirms that when Chopper gets back, they’re going to Arabasta. She asks Vivi if she’s okay with that, to which she says yes, since they have a doctor on board now. Usopp now wants to get the cable car ready.

Kureha has returned to the infirmary and, with feigned cluelessness, asks Dalton where her patients have gone. Chopper comes in the door and wants to talk to Dr. Kureha. She asks him what he’s doing here and wants him downstairs to help the other people with the cannons. The blue-nosed reindeer opens up to her that he wants to go to sea and become a pirate. Pissed off, she yells at him and forbids him. He is her only helper and has taught him all sorts of things. Kureha doesn’t want Chopper to become a pirate, since he’ll just end up a corpse anyway and pirates are criminals. Chopper, however, insists on his opinion, to which Kureha says she’s never heard of a reindeer pirate. Chopper says he’s human, too. Kureha now threatens him that if he leaves, she will kill him and starts throwing knives at him.

The villagers outside the castle, who are just wheeling the cannons from the armory outside, hear the noise of Chopper and Dr. Kureha and are immediately drawn into the fray as Chopper runs through their ranks. Chopper now picks up a sled and plans to make a run for it. Dr. Kureha shows up and asks him if he’s just chasing an illusion at sea too, just like Hiriluk. Chopper contradicts her and shouts that Hiriluk has done it all. Chopper has left the castle and calls for the Straw Hat Pirates to get in the sleigh. When they spot the angry and knife-waving Kureha, they take to their heels. Chopper now runs with the Straw Hat Pirates on the zip line.

The residents down by the cable car wonder what happened to Dalton and Wapol now that the Straw Hat Pirates and Chopper have just passed them. On top of Snow Rockies, Dalton and Kureha stand looking out at Drum and the ocean. Dalton asks her if she’s sad, to which the old doctor replies in the negative. She doesn’t begrudge him. She gives the order to fire the cannons in which she has poured a powder, Hiriluk’s experiment, for which he had spent 30 years researching. Everyone on Drum wonders what those cannon shots are as they see a giant cherry blossom dream stretching across the Snow Rockies. The red powder that sticks to the snow in the atmosphere turns it cherry blossom pink. Chopper is touched.

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