One Piece Chapter 151


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 20: Invasion! Pirates Tulipan. You can see a pirate gang in a funny pose and with tulips on their heads.


Drum: The villagers have arrived with Dalton and Usopp, Zoro and Vivi at the only cable car to the castle on Drum, which is tied to Dr. Kureha’s old house. However, their progress is slow because there are too many people riding. During the ride, Dalton remembers his betrayal of Wapol. The latter locked him in a cell and kept beating him bloody. Chess and Marimo also had fun with Dalton and meant that Hiriluk had egged him on. Wapol offered him if he apologized he would forgive Dalton, but he did not apologize and whistled at his position as a servant and at the king.

Drum’s Castle: Luffy still has a firm grip on Wapol’s face. The latter asks the rubber boy if he doesn’t care about his title just because he’s a pirate. Wapol sits in the world government and Luffy would be breaking the law. The latter, however, doesn’t really care. Annoyed at being ignored, Wapol wants to eat him and tears his mouth open. Luffy stops him with his outstretched fingers, so Wapol can’t hurt him. He doesn’t give up yet, though, and out of his mouth comes his tongue cannon, which Luffy can’t seem to dodge. From outside, Chopper can see the explosion.

Cable Car: Meanwhile, Dalton continues to spit blood and Vivi worries about him. He wants to finally take down Wapol so the country doesn’t have to live under his tyranny anymore. He wants the country to be ruled with heart and fairness. Dalton pulls from his jacket a series of sticks of dynamite and plans to blow himself and Wapol up.

Drum’s Castle, Luffy vs Wapol: Wapol laughs in victory as Luffy suddenly appears behind him, having escaped the explosion after all. Using his gum-gum slingshot, he hurls his opponent onto one of the castle’s spires. Wapol catches sight of Hiriluk’s flag on the adjacent spike and Luffy appears in front of Wapol. He yanks his arms far back, while the villagers in the cable car and Chopper and Dr. Kureha can see the arms. Kureha and Chopper see the victory for Jolly Roger before Luffy finally defeats Wapol with a powerful gum-gum bazooka!

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