One Piece Chapter 150


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 19: Hunt for Jango. The marines leave armed, while Jango discovers that Fullbody is in the navy.


Drum’s Castle: Luffy notices that Wapol has run away. Dr. Kureha speculates that he probably made off on his racing hippo, Robson. Luffy wonders how he managed to do that, to which Sanji angrily rebukes him for once again sleeping and letting him get away. Sanji thinks Wapol might have ventured into the castle and worries about Nami. He immediately crawls off to protect her.

Wapol has indeed fled into the castle and looks around. Horrified, he finds that the entire castle is covered in ice and snow and vows revenge. Meanwhile, Nami looks out of her room and wants to sneak away before Dr. Kureha comes back and prescribes her bed rest again, since they can’t stay on Drum for three more days. She notices Wapol and asks him who he is, who asks her if she belongs to the Straw Hat. She denies, not trusting him, and thinks she is a guest of Kureha, to which Wapol calls her a liar and chases her as she runs away screaming.

Suddenly, he gets stuck in a hole on the stairs. To fit through, he uses Baku-Baku-Factory, eats himself up to his “chin bucket” and drops down to Nami. He emerges from his chin as a new, slender Wapol and pounces on the navigator. Luffy, meanwhile, has also arrived at the castle and gives Wapol a gum-gum stomp. Nami immediately slaps Luffy for breaking her jacket. But Nami does forgive him, however she sees her chance to rip him off and demands three times the purchase price from him. Meanwhile, Wapol has gotten back up and is standing in front of his armory. He intends to eat up all the weapons so that he becomes a single, living weapon, however, he no longer has a key on him, which Nami stole from him because she mistakenly thought it was meant for the treasure room. Wapol makes off again, and Luffy follows him.

Wapol has now arrived at another chamber and presents his royal cartridge cannon. Luffy has reached him now and is about to finally beat him up when he sees Wapol pull the lever to fire it. However, the cannon is no longer working as a couple of snowbirds have nested in the cannon. Luffy grabs Wapol’s face with his hand.

Outside Drum’s castle: Chopper is happy that Luffy called him his friend. Kureha smiles.

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