One Piece Chapter 149


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 18: Do you know these clothes? A Marine soldier shows Fullbody Jango’s old clothes. At the same time, Jango puffs out the beer and starts to sweat.


Drum’s Castle: Chopper explains that the Rumble Ball works for three minutes and then he defeats Chessmarimo. Chessmarimo scoffs at the reindeer. Dr. Kureha sits on Sanji and won’t let him fight, saying he should just watch. Chopper takes his Rumble Ball and is immediately attacked by Chessmarimo’s Yukitoke No Ya Marimo, which Chopper easily dodges with the Walk Point. The mutant wonders about Chopper’s transformation and realizes that he must have devil powers like Dalton. He knows about Chopper’s three levels of mutation and pulls out his Quattro Hammer. He knows that Chopper can transform into a reindeer, a reindeer man, and a human reindeer. To avoid Chessmarimo’s Quattro Hammer, he switches to Jumping Point and takes a big leap. Chessmarimo can’t understand why Chopper got so big as a reindeer man, because as one he’s always pretty small.

Chopper now falls down and his opponent hits him with his hammers, but Chopper is able to cushion the force of the blow thanks to Guard Point, as he’s now all plush and fluffed up. Chessmarimo realizes that he must have more than three levels of mutation. Chopper explains that he developed four new stages with the Rumble Ball. Shocked, yet composed, Chessmarimo announces his victory against the reindeer. Luffy is all excited for Chopper and his eyes sparkle. Chessmarimo attacks Chopper again with his Quattro Hammer, which Chopper quickly smashes into his Arm Point.

Mutant Man now draws his Quattro Axe and uses Yukiwarisou, creating two powerful cutting waves that can hurt Chopper. Chessmarimo continues to attack him with Happou Yuki Taore, all of which Chopper is able to dodge thanks to his change in mutation levels. Chopper lastly switches to Brain Point and checks Chessmarimo out with Scope. Luffy initially thinks that Chopper is now using a laser, which Kureha dismisses as bullshit. Luffy is upset at her statement and Wapol takes advantage of the inattentive Luffy. Chessmarimo runs towards Chopper. The latter has figured out Chessmarimo’s weak spot thanks to Scope: His chin. He immediately switches to Jumping Point and disappears, but immediately reappears under Chessmarimo and attacks his chin in his Arm Point. The fight is over, three minutes are up and Chopper has defeated Chessmarimo! Luffy is impressed with Chopper.

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