One Piece Chapter 148


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 17: Cheers, old house! Jango and Fullbody toast with two glasses of beer. There are also some empty beer mugs on the table.


Drum, Big Horn: Usopp has taken Dalton piggyback and wants to bring him to the castle, but Dalton is too heavy and the two make only slow progress. Zoro cannot stand to watch this and relieves Usopp. Angry that Zoro took Dalton from him and looking weak, he kicks Zoro for finally wanting to be brave too. The villagers want to stop them and offer to take one of the cable cars, however it is still broken and it will be another half hour before they can use it. One of the villagers says that he thought there was no cable car anymore. Another answers him that there is still a white rope from Gyasta to the castle.

Drum’s Castle: Wapol mocks Hiriluk’s flag. Luffy advises Wapol and says only a real pirate gets to fly a skull and crossbones flag. Angrily, Wapol says that as king, he raises what he wants and he doesn’t want Hiriluk’s flag flying there. Wapol fires at the flag again with Luffy. Chopper shouts another warning to him, but Luffy remains steadfast, even after being hit by Wapol’s cannon. Impressed and amazed, Chopper looks up at him. Luffy admits he doesn’t know whose flag that is, but he definitely knows one thing: that it’s not flying there for fun, and it’s there for a reason! Again, he yells at Wapol and Chessmarimo, who are shocked by Luffy’s steadfastness. Chopper remembers what Hiriluk said about pirates. Grinning, Luffy tells Chopper that he’s going to finish Wapol off now and asks him what he’s going to do.

Wapol is about to fire his cannons again, but Sanji tries to stop him. Dr. Kureha interferes and kicks Sanji in the back. Wapol laughs that his opponents are already finishing each other off. Chopper now attacks Wapol, but is stopped by Chessmarimo. Luffy fires hard at the reindeer and puts the flag right back in the top of the castle. Kureha is reassured that Chopper is finally showing what he can do, while Sanji is knocked out on the floor, foaming at the mouth. Chopper comes face to face with Chessmarimo. The mutant man asks him why he’s fighting as a monster for the humans, who have really only ever tormented him. Chopper answers that he can fight without friends, as long as the flag of Hiriluk hangs.

Luffy sets off for the gum-gum rocket and shouts to Chopper that he does have friends, namely him. Luffy lands next to Chopper, catching Wapol and Chessmarimo in the process. The reindeer now wants to go after the mutant man, while Luffy goes after Wapol. Chopper threatens Chessmarimo, who asks him if he’s really sure and calls him a mini-monster. The latter introduces himself as Tony Tony Tony Chopper and says that while Hiriluk has forgiven them, he won’t forgive them for laughing at Hiriluk. Chopper pulls out a small ball: Rumble Ball!

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