One Piece Chapter 147


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates runs around with luggage, with Luffy losing his straw hat. Usopp points his finger at the straw hat and Sanji and Nami try to catch it while Zoro just watches. A sea king can be seen in the background.


Drum, Big Horn: Wapol’s 20 top doctors show up and want to treat the frozen Dalton. The villagers are skeptical because they are slaves to Wapol. The doctors explain that even though they have allowed themselves to be enslaved, they have always researched for the good of the people. Through Hiriluk, they have learned that one must not give up.

Drum’s Castle: Wapol spits up some blood and wants to fight back. He asks Chess what he has already eaten. The latter enumerates the things to him. Wapol now uses Baku-Baku Shock and mutates into Wapol House. He’s fused with the things he’s eaten throughout the day! Luffy and Sanji are alarmed by Wapol’s mutation, who surprisingly stuffs his own people Chess and Marimo into his mouth and chews on them with relish. After Wapol devours them both, the “mutant man” Chessmarimo emerges from him. Sanji immediately realizes that Marimo is merely squatting on Chess’ hump. Luffy is impressed. Wapol claims the land, as well as the castle, which is only marred by Hiriluk’s flag, and shoots it down.

Big Horn: Vivi is worried about the others. Usopp adds that I’m sure she’s worried about Arabasta and Dalton too, however he thinks she can’t worry about everything. He reassures her that Luffy and Sanji are with Nami, who can certainly handle it on their own. Usopp has convinced her and she agrees with him. Zoro, however, has seen through the long-nose’s statement and knows that Usopp is just scared. Severely exhausted, Dalton stands up and wants to take the chance to chase Wapol away for good. The residents aren’t sure they can do it, but Dalton wants to fight tooth and nail. Usopp crouches in front of Dalton and wants to give him a piggyback ride to the castle.

Drum’s Castle: Wapol has shot Hiriluk’s flag off the top of the castle. Chopper follows the action in horror. Pissed off, he yells at Wapol to keep his hands off Hiriluk’s flag, runs at Chessmarimo, but manages to avoid him and attacks Wapol. Just before Chopper strikes, he remembers Hiriluk’s words about Chopper not being allowed to be angry with the people on Drum because they are seriously ill. He wants to spare Wapol and orders him to run away. Dr. Kureha is shocked that Chopper won’t hold him accountable and yells at him. Wapol sneers and attacks him with his cannon from his Wapol house. Luffy, meanwhile, has climbed to the top of the castle and used one of his jacket sleeves to tie Hiriluk’s flag back down. He now stands up angrily and angrily rebukes Wapol for pretending to be a pirate but not knowing what a pirate flag means.


  • The Spanish lettering“A caballo vamo’ pa’l mar!” on the Color Spread literally means“Let’s ride to the sea on horseback“. However, it appears from Color Walk 2 that Eiichiro Oda actually meant“Overcome the seas!” was what he meant.
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