One Piece Chapter 146


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 16: He’s the champion! The judge, Jango and Fullbody are crying, with Jango and Fullbody both holding a trophy.


Drum, Snow Rockies: Luffy knocks Wapol down with a heavy punch, nearly knocking him off the Snow Rockies if Chess and Marimo hadn’t held him down. Dr. Kureha and Chopper marvel at Luffy’s abilities. The rubber boy is now pleased that he can finally strike back and puts on a big grin. Marimo and Chess are horrified that Luffy attacked their king, which he must pay for with his death. Kureha asks Luffy and Sanji if they know each other, to which Luffy replies in the affirmative. Sanji points out the cold and asks him if he’s not cold since he’s only wearing his regular shirt and shorts. Only now does he notice that he is damn cold.

Wapol gets back up and wants to make the straw hat pay, however the straw hat has just gone to get a jacket, which upsets Wapol quite a bit. Chopper asks Sanji how Luffy did it. The little reindeer gets in response that Luffy is a rubber man, and after another question from Chopper as to what that is, adds “A monster” with a smirk. Chess and Marimo confront the trio of Kureha, Chopper, and Sanji, intent on taking back Wapol’s castle and the kingdom of Drum. Kureha cheekily retorts that who cares about the castle, because they’ve built a tomb for Hiriluk. Wapol and his henchmen are horrified to realize, after Chopper transforms into his human form, that it is the “monster” from back in the day that appeared shortly after Hiriluk’s death.

Chopper doesn’t want them to touch the tomb and yells up to Hiriluk’s flag at the top of the castle that it will fly there forever and ever. Wapol gives the order to kill everyone present. Marimo immediately uses his Eleki-Marimo, a small afro, and aims at Dr. Kureha, who intercepts Sanji with his leg. However, this sticks to the Smutja’s leg, as they are electrostatically charged. Marimo throws more afros at Sanji, whereupon he asks Chopper for his help to get rid of them, but they stick to Chopper as well.

Drum’s Castle: Luffy inquires of Nami where his jacket is. She asks him what’s going on outside, to which Luffy answers her, still looking for his jacket. Nami offers to take her jacket, which he does, and disappears back outside. Nami goes back to bed.

Outside the castle: Sanji and Chopper are still trying to get rid of the Afros. Chess shoots flaming arrows at the two to ignite the Afros. Chopper wants to send him to the boards, but Wapol shows up next to Chess and wants to eat the reindeer. Just then, Luffy comes running out of the castle. Sanji notices him and shouts for him to grab his leg, which he does, at which point Sanji kicks Luffy in Wapol’s direction. Wapol already has Chopper in his mouth, however he spits him out after he is hit by Luffy and Sanji’s combo attack Armée de l’air – Gomu Shoot. The flying Wapol hits his mount Robson, who is also immediately flung away, saving Wapol from falling off the Snow Rockies. Wapol is now really angry and announces his Baku Baku Factory!

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