One Piece Chapter 145


Jango’s Dancing Paradise, Part 15: Fever. The two are still dancing and now you can see navy soldiers really partying to it.


Wapol has opened up to Dr. Hiriluk that he was framed and wants to kill him. Dalton wonders why Hiriluk came at all. Wapol’s soldiers raise their rifles and point them at the quack. The latter starts crying, is overjoyed and shouts that he is glad that the doctors are perfectly healthy and that they only fooled him. Everyone present is surprised, only Wapol remains reasonably composed and whispers to his guards that they should not be distracted. Hiriluk thought it was already too late, to which Wapol says that even if Hiriluk were the last doctor in the world, he wouldn’t let him get to him. Dr. Hiriluk raises his arm and advises them not to shoot him because they couldn’t kill him anyway. He asks the soldiers a question: what does a person die of? Surprised by this question, he tells them that you don’t die if you get hit by a bullet or eat from a poisonous mushroom. During his narration, Chopper has jumped onto the cable car station rope and is running up to the castle. Hiriluk finishes his speech and calmly explains that you don’t die until you are forgotten!

Dr. Hiriluk now pours himself a liquid in a cup and says his dream can come true without him. He has noticed how Dalton has started to cry. Wapol can’t believe Dalton believes him and cries. Hiriluk tells them that the monster is about to show up and asks them not to hurt him, telling his charge in his mind that it’s not the witch’s mushroom that will kill him. He raises his cup in the air and exclaims that it has been a wonderful life and drinks. Dr. Kureha also bids farewell to the quack as he drinks, which explodes and dies within seconds!

Dr. Hiriluk’s hat lands in front of Chopper, who has arrived in the meantime. Wapol makes fun of Hiriluk for blowing himself up and laughs loudly and mockingly. Seized by blind rage, Chopper races towards Wapol in his human form, but is stopped by Dalton, who has transformed into a bison human. The vassal of Wapol tearfully wrestles Chopper down and yells at him to leave, since he can’t do anything about Wapol and Hiriluk died for nothing. He shouldn’t sacrifice himself for this sick country too. As advised, Chopper makes his way back. Dalton explains that Hiriluk made the effort and wanted to save the country. However, he died. Wapol is not interested in the ramblings of his subordinate. Dalton, shouting loudly, criticizes Wapol’s way of governing and that he is only harmful to the country. Finally, he advises Wapol by saying that no doctor in the world has an antidote for his airheadedness.

Chopper has arrived back at Hiriluk’s house and is in tears and screaming loudly at Dr. Kureha. He waves Hiriluk’s skull flag and swears that he will become a doctor and cure the whole world because there are no incurable diseases. Kureha allows Chopper to say “Doc” to her. Dalton is now imprisoned for his betrayal of Wapol and wants to keep fighting until he saves the country. Wapol laughs loudly at him and sees himself as the greatest king of all time.

Present: Luffy knocks out the arrogant Wapol with a strong fist!

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