One Piece Chapter 143


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 14: The Finale. Now Fullbody is also on stage and dances together with Jango in front of the cheering audience.


Drum six years ago, in Dr. Kureha’s former house: Dr. Hiriluk is visiting the old doctor and realizes that he will die in three days. He asks Kureha if she could delay his death because he still has something to do. The latter asks back why he doesn’t want to finally give up and die so that he can be rid of his worries once and for all. The latter replies that his 30 years of research should not be in vain. Dr. Kureha suggests that he should go back to the West to the cherry blossoms so that he can be cured. Hiriluk, however, does not want to know anything about it and wants to let cherry blossoms bloom in Drum.

Kureha thinks that this is a harebrained idea, but Hiriluk counters that when he was dying, he survived by a miracle and that everyone can be saved. He already has an idea to make his dream come true. Dr. Kureha now notices Chopper hanging from a branch through the window, eavesdropping on the conversation. Chopper runs into the forest. Hiriluk explains to the old witch the reason why he cast out the little reindeer. Since he’s going to die in three days and the quack is his only friend, he wanted to spare him this. Hiriluk explains that the two are very similar, which is why he wants him to believe that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Kureha opens up to him that he won’t actually die for another four days at 5:30 and can even get him three more weeks. However, she explains that she may not feel like helping him at all. Hiriluk threatens her with a gun and urges her to help him. Effortlessly, she disarms him, knocks him out, and agrees to help him after all, curious as to what he is up to.

Chopper, meanwhile, has made his way to Hiriluk’s house. There he has rummaged through many books and finally leafs through one of them. With a backpack, he sets off and roams through the snow-covered forests and rocky landscapes. Meanwhile, Dr. Hiriluk has returned to his house and is experimenting to make cherry blossoms. However, his concoctions keep exploding and he is running out of time. Chopper meets other reindeer on his way. Bravely, the small, blue-nosed reindeer walks through the ranks of his fellow reindeer and is eyed suspiciously. Eventually, Chopper is attacked by a large reindeer with a scar on his forehead. This one remembers Hiriluk saying that he fights for his goals under a skull and crossbones flag. As the attacker tries to strike Chopper again, the latter runs into him and collides with the latter. Finally, Chopper, injured and exhausted, finds what he was looking for. All he has to do is cross a slope to the other side of a cliff. Behind him, the reindeer reappear.

One week later: Dr. Hiriluk still hasn’t managed to produce his miracle cure. He hears a knock at the door and turns around in shock. Before him enters a badly injured Chopper, who even has part of his left antler broken off, and proudly holds a witch’s mushroom in one hoof. Chopper had heard that there is a mushroom that cures all diseases and wants to give it to Dr. Hiriluk so he can be cured and move on with his life. Chopper says he wants to be a doctor too and learn everything he knows from Hiriluk. At Drum’s castle, Wapol is giving Dalton an order. Wapol wants to set a trap for Hiriluk to lure him here and then decapitate him. Hiriluk gratefully embraces Chopper for his brave effort.

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