One Piece Chapter 142


Jango’s dance paradise, part 13: Jango dares. Jango dances on stage. The audience cheers and everyone is thrilled.


Drum six years ago: Dr. Hiriluk asks the little reindeer, which at that time had no name, why it was silent for three days. He answers that he was afraid Hiriluk would be frightened of him because he can speak. Once again, one of Dr. Hiriluk’s concoctions explodes and Chopper and Hiriluk jump outside into the snow. Hiriluk asks the animal if it’s okay and calls it by the name Chopper, which is immediately happy about Hiriluk naming it.

Meanwhile, Wapol and Dalton, who used to be Wapol’s subordinate, return from the world conference in Mary Geoise. Dalton has been very quiet since the conference and asks Chess and Marimo if the people will go back to the way they used to be, since the people hate Wapol and his minions. The two dismiss Dalton’s question with the answer that Wapol rules differently than his father and the people cannot survive without Wapol. The latter doesn’t really know and tells them that he met a little girl at the world conference.

At the Mary Geoise conference, Thalassa Lucas, King of Ilisia from the Westblue, warned about the revolutionary Dragon. This one could become quite a problem in the next few years. Wapol didn’t care about this and didn’t want to get involved in the matter. Nefertari Kobra, King of Arabasta, who is also present, fiercely rebukes the ignoramus for completely misjudging the situation. Wapol is annoyed with King Kobra and after the conference “accidentally” strikes down his daughter Vivi in revenge. Igaram, who is also among those present, is about to deal with Wapol when Vivi apologizes for bumping into Wapol. Wapol is offended that Vivi can restrain herself like that, while Dalton is impressed by Vivi’s act, as any little thing can lead to war and she restrains herself. After Wapol leaves with Marimo and Chess, Dalton hears Vivi crying behind a house, who is comforted by Igaram.

On Hiriluk and Chopper: Dr. Hiriluk says that Chopper shouldn’t be mad at people because the country is pretty sick right now. The country is mentally ill and Hiriluk says that this illness can be cured as well. He begins to tell how a young master thief suffered from a deadly disease and had to die. Though the man had enough money for doctors, even they could not help him. Eventually, the master thief was cured, and it was at the sight of cherry blossoms! Dr. Hiriluk declares that there is no disease that cannot be cured and will fight for it under a skull and crossbones flag of a pirate with cherry blossoms, who stands for his beliefs and fights like a pirate that he can cure any disease. Chopper asks him what a pirate is. He replies that everyone has to go to sea at some point, so you can see how small you are in contrast to the big world.

The two loners make their way to a patient. On the way, Chopper overhears some soldiers talking about a mushroom that is supposed to cure all diseases. Curious, he stops and listens, but Hiriluk wants to go to the next patient. So the two go to the sick again and again, but they are anything but pleased about his visits. So they are always chased away and attacked with guns. In the process, Hiriluk has even kicked Chopper to get his back. Back at Dr. Hiriluk’s house, the two get into an argument. Afterwards, Chopper says this is the first time he’s ever argued with anyone. Hiriluk says that you need a partner for that too, and hands him a hat with a cross on it.

So a year passes with Dr. Hiriluk and Chopper helps him chop wood, conduct experiments or just laze around. Dr. Hiriluk now releases Chopper from his treatment, as he is perfectly healthy again. Chopper, however, wants to stay with him, but Hiriluk rebuffs that he has no more time for him. Crying and pleading, Chopper asks outside Hiriluk’s house to let him stay, as he doesn’t know where to go now and has no friends. With a heavy heart, Dr. Hiriluk ignores Chopper’s pleas and entreaties until Chopper even inflicts a head wound on himself out of desperation and bleeds so that he can get back into Hiriluk’s care. The latter now even grabs a gun and wants to chase Chopper away for good. The little reindeer can’t believe why Hiriluk is rejecting him and runs away deeply sad. Hiriluk cries and asks Chopper for forgiveness.

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