One Piece Chapter 141


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 12: Dancing Queen. Jango has changed his clothes and is standing in a dancer’s pose while a dance contest is taking place in the background.


Drum, Big Horn: Zoro has finished off Wapol’s soldiers who were keeping the villagers from digging the buried Dalton out of the snow. Usopp, Vivi, and the villagers are impressed and begin to retrieve Dalton from the snow. Chopper, at the same time at Drum’s castle, informs Dr. Kureha that Wapol has returned. In Big Horn, Dalton has been found. Wapol has arrived with his subjects in front of his former castle. They see Dr. Hiriluk’s flag flying on the spire and Wapol angrily wonders where his has gone. Dr. Kureha and Chopper show up in front of Wapol’s gang and say that Dr. Hiriluk is resting here and they should leave, which Wapol doesn’t care about. Luffy and Sanji arrive at the scene. When Luffy sees Wapol, Luffy gets pissed and is about to attack him with his gum-gum power.

Past, 6 years earlier on Drum: Dr. Hiriluk flees from the masses of villagers because he set fire to a house and stole money. In a house on Drum, a man has fallen ill with a deadly disease and is in danger of dying. The wife already wants to send for Wapol’s doctors, but Dr. Hiriluk slips down the chimney and offers to examine the man. The latter doesn’t want to be treated by the quack and his wife already wants to get troops to capture the doctor. Hiriluk stops the woman with a bullet, but it only puts her under anesthesia. The man already wants to pay Hiriluk when he leaves, but Hiriluk only wants to save the man. After his treatment with the frog essence, his patient lies unconscious in front of him, foaming at the mouth, and the parents’ daughter cries. Hiriluk apologizes to her and flees out the window when soldiers appear.

Dr. Hiriluk meets Dr. Kureha on a bridge. The doctor tells him his record, that hundreds of flu patients have already died from his treatment. The latter waves off the fact that at least he’s not taking money out of people’s pockets, and Kureha says that she and he are the only doctors still on the loose who aren’t part of Wapol’s entourage. Hiriluk declares that his universal cure will soon save the whole country. Dr. Kureha doesn’t believe this and the two are discovered by soldiers. They flee.

Hiriluk meets the shot and badly battered Chopper in the forest and wants to help him. Chopper remembers being chased by the villagers, shot and called a yeti. Dr. Hiriluk is about to smear him with one of his ointments when Chopper attacks him and knocks him to the ground bleeding. The reindeer crawls away in fear. Hiriluk gets up, a little dazed, and finally wants to treat Chopper. He strips everything off and stands naked in the snow. Hiriluk shouts that he only wants to help him and introduces himself to him.

Bandaged, Chopper wakes up in a bed in Hiriluk’s small house and sees him sleeping on a chair wrapped in a blanket. Next to him he sees a loaf of bread and he bites into it, crying and happy.

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