One Piece Chapter 139


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 11: Such Heart Eyes!
Now you can see Jango’s face without his glasses and his eyes are heart-shaped, just like the glasses.


Grand Line, Drum: Vivi pulls Usopp behind her by the nose. They narrowly escaped the avalanche, but Usopp is in danger of falling asleep and dying from the cold. To keep him conscious, she punches him so hard that his entire face swells from the blows. Suddenly something shoots out of the snow in front of them, but not the Yeti as Usopp fears, but a torso-naked Zoro. He tells how he swam in the river and followed fish there. Eventually, he somehow ended up at this spot. He asks Usopp for his coat, as he is very cold. However, Usopp doesn’t think of giving him even a shoe.

Drum, Big Horn: The three reach Big Horn, whose inhabitants are all standing together. They want to rescue Dalton, who was buried by the avalanche, but are stopped from digging by Wapol’s soldiers. Zoro recognizes the uniforms and asks Usopp if the soldiers are enemies. When he confirms it, Zoro runs up to a soldier and knocks him down. He immediately grabs the jacket and is happy to finally have warm clothes again. The angry soldiers charge at him, but Zoro doesn’t care, confident of victory he awaits the fight.

Drum, Castle: Tony Tony Tony Chopper reports to Dr. Kureha that Nami has formed antibodies. The reason is the bite by a Kestia tick. Chopper is told to see to Nami’s continued care. She lies in a bed in a room with a fireplace and apparatus for making medicine. Nami awakens and asks the wandering Chopper who he is. The reindeer is startled and quickly hides behind a door frame, but stands the wrong way up in it. Nami points this out to him, whereupon he hides properly, but is still visible because he’s watching her. He yells at her to shut up, but asks if she still has a fever. Nami is taken back by the talking reindeer when Dr. Kureha also shows up and takes her temperature, which is 38.2°. She introduces herself and reassures Nami that Luffy and Sanji are sleeping in the next room. She shows Nami a tick bite on her stomach. The bite transmits bacteria that causes 5-day fever, where the bloodstream becomes inflamed. It’s now her third day, and without her and Chopper’s help, Nami would have died after five days.

Dr. Kureha thought ticks were long extinct, since they are really only found in primeval jungles. She pushes Nami back into bed and orders her to rest. It will take ten more days to heal, of which she must stay in bed for at least the next three. Nami still wants to get up because they don’t have three days, but Dr. Kureha leans over her with a scalpel and warns her that her patients either leave the castle healthy or dead. Chopper, meanwhile, is being chased by Luffy and Sanji, who want to make a tasty meal out of him. Nami and Dr. Kureha catch the scene and the doctor recalls how they found the three Straw Hats.

Flashback: 5,000 feet Luffy climbed up the mountain with Nami and Sanji and collapsed at the top where Chopper rescued him. Dr. Kureha orders Luffy to be thrown into boiling water. Sanji, who has lost a lot of blood, suffered six broken ribs and a flesh wound, is classified as a mild case. Dr. Kureha recognizes Nami as the most serious patient. Chopper is told to mix chloramphenicol, cardiac drugs, and thiacillin. She has a viral illness, but a rather stubborn one. Luffy grabs Dr. Kureha’s arm with bleeding hands. She reassures him that she can nurse them all back to health. With the last of his strength, Luffy makes her understand that they are his friends.

Nami asks Dr. Kureha who the reindeer with the blue nose is, who turns out to be her assistant. He is half reindeer, half human due to a devil fruit and is apprenticed to Dr. Kureha. Luffy and Sanji are still trying to subdue Chopper when he turns into a large furry human and knocks them both to the ground. Small again, he runs away crying.

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