One Piece Chapter 138


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 10: Show Yourself!
You can see Jango from behind, taking off his sunglasses.


Grand Line, Drum: Luffy has been caught up by Wapol, who is blocking his way. Luffy is in a hurry and wants to get to the castle where Dr. Kureha lives to help Nami. Without paying any further attention to Wapol, he continues on his way. Angry at his disregard, Wapol dictates a new law to Chess: “Death for ignoring!”

He orders Chess and Marimo to kill the two injured, Nami and Sanji, first because they didn’t even look up. Luffy is able to dodge Marimo’s first blow and is about to counterattack when he remembers Sanji’s words about not making haphazard attacks under any circumstances or Nami will suffer. Furious at not being able to defend himself, he takes flight, having to dodge Chess’ arrows in the process. Suddenly, Luffy’s opponents have disappeared. He looks around and thereby fails to notice Wapol, who is hiding from him in the snow, about to devour him. Luffy jumps up, but Chess and Marimo are already waiting to attack him in the air. Luffy can’t dodge them as Lapins appear and knock Wapol’s minions to the ground. Little Lapin’s father wants to return the favor for helping Luffy.

Luffy takes flight and thanks the Lapins, who build up in front of Wapol. Luffy stands in front of the mountain where the castle is located. He takes off his sandals, ties Nami tighter on his back, and carries Sanji with his mouth to free his hands for climbing. After three hours, he’s still on the mountainside. He is scarred from the cold weather and exertion. As he repositions his right hand, he hurts himself and screams out his pain. As he does so, however, Sanji slips away, threatening to fall off. Luffy just manages to stretch his head down and grab Sanji again with his mouth. Finally, they reach the top of the mountain, where an imposing castle stands. Luffy is completely exhausted and falls to the ground unconscious. As he does so, a snow slab breaks loose and the Straw Hat threatens to fall into the depths with Nami on his back, but Tony Tony Chopper is able to hold him down at the last moment. Meanwhile, Wapol, Chess and Marimo have defeated the Lapins.

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