One Piece Chapter 137


The Straw Hat Pirates without Nami is in a room. Zoro and Usopp are playing a game of chess, Luffy is sitting on the windowsill and is asked by a bird to play ball with him. Sanji has dressed up fancy and is carrying a bouquet of flowers.


Grand Line, Drum, Big Horn: A huge avalanche is hurtling towards the village. Usopp, Vivi, and the villagers are frozen in horror.

Sanji and Luffy, with the sick Nami on their backs, flee from the oncoming avalanche. Sanji notices a ledge, which they rush towards to escape the masses of snow. They think they’ve made it when the second wave hits them full on and flings them into the air. Sanji is in danger of sinking into the snow, but Luffy is able to grab him and land on a log, hurtling towards the valley on the avalanche. Suddenly, the Lapins appear from behind, riding logs across the avalanche. They attack the two straw hats, who can only dodge. The tree they are on heads straight for a rock. Without thinking twice, Sanji throws the other two into the air and warns Luffy to take good care of Nami. He himself slams into the rock and continues to get hit by the Lapins as they fall. Luffy was able to grab onto the rock and reaches for Sanji, stretching his arm. However, he only gets a hold of Sanji’s glove.

Big Horn: The villagers flee from the approaching avalanche. Wapol also flees with Chess and Marimo on Robson. Racing hippos are adapted to life in the snow. They have very long legs, but usually refrain from stretching them out due to laziness. The long legs allow the hippo to traverse even the deepest snow. Without paying attention to his doctors, Wapol flees. Vivi and Usopp also try to escape the avalanche.

Luffy has discarded Nami, as well as his straw hat. He promises to come back and jumps into the avalanche. The avalanche reaches the village and buries it. Only the tops of the roofs stick out of the snow. Wapol uses his devil power to eat his way out of the snow and spits out Chess, Marimo and Robson at the top. He is certain that Luffy and his gang are responsible for the avalanche. Wapol wants to make his way to the castle because, according to the villagers, the Straw Hats are on their way there. However, the cable car is broken, so they have to walk up.

Further up, the baby Lapin tries to free his father, who was buried by the avalanche. Only his hand is still sticking out of the snow. Luffy is suddenly with him, carrying Nami and Sanji and pulling the Lapin out of the snow with one hand. Without another word, he makes his way to the castle. He is determined to get them both up there safely. From behind, Wapol and his men approach with loud shouts.

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