One Piece Chapter 136


Jango’s Disco Show, Part 9: Love at first sight!
Jango is walking through town and sees a Marine with his wanted poster in his hand.


Grand Line, Drum: The Lapins have stopped pursuing Sanji and Luffy and have gathered further up the mountain, where they jump to the ground together.

Drum: The people take up arms and want to support Dalton in the fight against old King Wapol. All able-bodied men are to set out for Big Horn. Usopp and Vivi are on their way to Gyasta. They have a bit of an argument about which way to go, which causes them to miss the turnoff to Gyasta.

Drum, Big Horn: Wapol is in Big Horn with his men and is happy to be back in his kingdom. He has eaten the roof of a hut as a demonstration of his power. Marimo tells Wapol that the Straw Hat Pirates is on its way to the castle because Dr. Kureha now lives there. Wapol is furious that the doctor dares to live in his castle and gives the order to leave, when suddenly Dalton appears and slashes Wapol with his sword. The attack remains without consequences, because the doctors immediately operate on Wapol and thereby save him. Dalton urges the old king to fight with him elsewhere. Wapol had hoped that Dalton died in the attack by the Blackbeard gang. It bordered on a miracle that he survived without a doctor. Once upon a time, Drum was famous for his doctors, until Wapol locked them all up in his castle to serve only him. Dalton accuses Wapol of tyranny because you had to beg him when you were sick. Dalton was once taken in as an orphan by Wapol, but his gratitude has worn thin. He transforms with the help of the Bull Fruit and dodges the soldiers’ shots. With one attack, he takes out all the soldiers. Marimo and Chess stand unimpressed in front of Wapol, they know Dalton’s weak spot. Chess aims his bow at the rushing people trying to help Dalton. Without thinking, Dalton places himself in the line of fire and is hit in the chest by three arrows. Suddenly, the earth begins to shake.

Usopp and Vivi keep going up the mountain the wrong way. They too notice the vibrations. Sanji and Luffy now see what the Lapins were trying to accomplish with their jumping. A large snow front is approaching them. The rabbits have triggered an avalanche.

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