One Piece Chapter 135


Jango’s Disco Show, Part 8: The Mirror Ball Island
Jango stands at the bow of the boat and looks at Mirror Ball Island.


Dalton is in a sled with Usopp and Vivi on their way to Cocoa Weed to meet Dr. Kureha, they are in a big hurry. Dalton feels guilty for sending Luffy, Nami and Sanji on their way to the mountain top. He also thinks it’s his fault that there are no more doctors in Drum.

Meanwhile Luffy with the sick Nami and Sanji are attacked by Lapins and are surprised at their speed and numbers, for Nami’s sake they want to avoid a fight and Luffy dodges the attacks. Sanji tries to keep the Lapins at bay but they have to surrender and are forced to flee, Sanji still tries to fight off the Lapins with moderate success.

Scene change to the coast: Wapol and his crew have meanwhile landed and defeated the defenders on the coast. Marimo and Chess are outraged at the behavior of their former subjects. After determining that the castle is still in good condition, Wapol orders them to leave for it. After Wapol is told that the Straw Hat Pirates is also in Drum, he orders them killed.

In Cocoa Weed, Dalton, Vivi and Usopp discover that they have just missed Dr. Kureha and she is on her way to Gyasta. News of Wapol’s arrival arrives and Dalton decides to face Wapol and runs off to Big Horn alone.

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